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MJT Junior Tour / Collegiate Policies & Procedures

NOTE: Scroll towards end of page for MJT Mini Tour Policies and Procedures and below Age Groups for Collegiate Division Policies.

Membership Eligibility
Age Groups and Yardage Guidelines
Membership Fee
Code of Conduct
Entry Procedures
Withdrawal Procedure and Refund
Withdrawal & No-Show Policy
Travel & Accommodations
Tie-Breaker Format


Membership is open to any young male or female who is interested in playing competitive golf and who is not older than 23 years of age. (PLEASE NOTE: Men & Women - Once you turn 19 yrs you will be registered in the Collegiate Division but must meet requirements.)  Prior golf tournament experience is recommended, but not essential.

Note: MJT memberships are annual good for the calendar year not from date of purchase.

Entries for events on the Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour are open to all persons who are members of the MJT. Events are filled in the order applications are received. Each event has a limited number of entries available for each age group. We have on-line registration for your convenience.

The MJT National Championship has special eligibility restrictions and registration is therefore by invitation closer to the time of the event.
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The MJT also offers special "non-member" options. Note that players registering as a non-member do not receive member benefits/gift pack and must pay a surcharge on the tournament entry fee. If the player chooses to join as a member, the MJT credits the surcharge paid toward annual dues and the member becomes eligible for all benefits from the date the membership was processed; international exemptions and OOM points are not retroactively reinstated.

(a) Players who are new to the Tour: This option is limited to one event, allowing players to try the tour without paying annual membership dues.

(b) Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Atlantic Canada: Due to the limited number of events in these provinces, the MJT allows players to sign up as non-members for all tournaments in that Province. Please note a $25.00 surcharge is applied to each tournament registered in.

Boys: • Peewee (12 & Under); • Bantam (13-14); • Juvenile (15-16); • Junior (17-18); • Collegiate Division (19-23) • Girls U15 • Girls 15-18 

(a) All players may be asked to provide proof of age by submitting a copy of their birth certificate with their membership application.
(b) Birthdays: If your birthday occurs during the season, your age group is determined by your age on the last day of each event. All MJT Order of Merit points are carried forward and used for qualification in the MJT National Championship in the new division.
(c) Advanced Players: All players can choose to play up one division ahead of their age in a season (ie. a 14 year old can elect to play Juvenile (15-16). OOM points are carried forward, however players must remain in the higher division for the rest of the season.

Suggested Yardages Guidelines

Division                                          Suggested Yardages

Collegiate / Junior / Juvenile     6300 - 6900 Yards
Bantam Boys (13-14)                    5500-6100 Yards
Peeweee Boys (12 & Under)       5000 - 5600 Yards
U15 Girls Division                           5000 - 5600 Yards
Girls 15-18                                        5500 - 6000 Yards                              

The MJT will make every effort to stay within these yardage guidelines.  Based on weather, course conditions, and course specifics  will determine but some imes they are just not possible.

As the 'Road to College Golf in Canada', the MJT realizes that there are few events for players who are not junior golfers to play and has created a division to allow those players opportunities for competitive rounds while home from college / university.  The following Rules and Regulations will apply to all Collegiate Division players: 

  • All players must be in 1st year out of high school or currently enrolled in college / university
  • All players must be between 19-23 years of age
  • No alcohol / tobacco use - violators will be disqualified and not permitted to play in future event
  • All regular MJT Rules and Regulations apply
  • OOM listing for Collegiate Division, with specific prizing available for division winners
  • There will be a specific Collegiate Division for the 2018 National Championship for members

* The MJT reserves the right to allow players to compete in this division even if they do not meet requirements.  These players will require permission, and must send in a request to the MJT Head office for approval.

$149.00 plus TAX

Member Benefits
Online Registration

Establishing and enforcing a Code of Conduct ensures that the integrity and traditions of the game of golf are upheld. Members are required to adhere to the following Code of Conduct guidelines, and the Rules of Golf as stated by the Royal Canadian Golf Association, so that all MJT events are enjoyable and competitive for all participants. Memberships can only be accepted after the applicant has accepted the terms of these regulations on the application form.

Attire - Proper golf attire, including collared shirts, must be worn while at the host golf facility. We do not allow players to wear blue jeans pants, cut-offs, tank-tops or t-shirts. Additionally, cell phones, pagers and headphones are restricted on the course.

Range Finder - In 2018, the MJT will allow players to use a distance measuring device. Players may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs - MJT endorses a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Participants who abuse any of these substances may be subject to disqualification and/or suspension from the MJT at the absolute discretion of Tour officials.

Course Behaviour - All participants are expected to act in a professional and courteous manner when playing in MJT events. A two-stroke penalty will be issued for any behaviour MJT deems unsportsmanlike, while a second or serious offense will result in automatic disqualification from the tournament and possible suspension from future MJT events/membership. Violations include: disrespectful behaviour towards officials, volunteers, facility staff or spectators; abusive or inappropriate language; throwing or breaking clubs; any form of cheating; leaving the golf course without notifying an official during tournament play; and abuse of the golf course in any way. Parents are not to interfere with players or offer advice (see “Parents/Spectators” code below.)

Caddies and use of automotive transportation* during a round is prohibited.
*Exceptions to the use of carts can be made at the MJT Executive's discretion.

Off-Course Behaviour - Players represent themselves and the MJT, which includes appropriate behaviour off the golf course, too. Members will be subject to Code of Conduct penalties in the event of vandalism at a host hotel or to a host family's property or any other conduct not becoming of a MJT member.

MJT Parent/Spectator Policy - During tournament play, parents, guardians, friends and other spectators must remain at least 25 yards from players, NO EXCEPTIONS, and must not give advice, assistance or converse in any manner with players(this includes pulling carts to the next tee). All decisions on rules and problems that arise will be made by the Tournament Committee and the players only. PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT CONTRARY TO THIS RULE MAY RESULT IN PENALTY AND/OR DISQUALIFICATION. If you seek information on this rule or any other condition of play, please seek out the Tournament Director.

Penalties for Code of Conduct violations, based on the severity of misconduct, may include any or all of the following:
1. A Letter of Warning issued by the MJT to the player and parents, outlining the violation and action taken. This letter will become a part of the member's file and may be used to determine disciplinary actions in the event of reoccurring violations.
2. Two-stroke penalty on tournament play.
3. Disqualification from the tournament at which the violation occurs.
4. Suspension from future tournament(s) in which the member has been accepted, without refund of paid fees.
5. Suspension of MJT membership.

The MJT Rules Committee will be informed of all Code of Conduct violations and will be polled regarding further punitive actions. Appeals of suspensions can be made in writing to the MJT Rules Committee.

Furthermore, immediate disqualification or suspension at one or more MJT events, without the benefit of review, may be enforced by tournament officials in the event a player chooses to flagrantly violate one or more Code of Conduct rules during play.

Tournament applications are accepted in the order they are received for all events, with the exception of the MJT National Championship which is an invitational event based on MJT Cleveland Golf Order of Merit rankings.

All MJT events have a limited number of spaces available in each age group.

Events fill quickly! The MJT encourages members to register for all desired events when submitting their membership application, or at least two weeks prior to the first day of each tournament. Late applicants will only be considered when there is no wait list for an event.

If a tournament has maximum capacity registered, the MJT will automatically place members on a wait list. Last-minute availabilities due to withdrawals or cancellations will be filled from the wait list based on age group and the date of wait list status.

The MJT will return all entry fees to applicants not accepted in requested tournaments due to space and/or non-qualification within 14 days of the tournament event being hosted.

Additionally, players are responsible for confirming their acceptance in each event as well as their tee time in advance of each tournament. Due to transmission problems that can occur with online submissions, players are responsible for following up with the MJT if a registration confirmation is not received within 48 hours. Tee times are posted on the website at least 48 hours prior to the event; players should double-check their tee time on the morning of each round to ensure no adjustments were made from the original posting.

Tournament players are required to report to the registration tent at each event at least 45 minutes prior to their designated tee time on day one. Unless advance arrangements are made for late registration, players who arrive late may be subject to disqualification from the competition at the discretion of MJT officials.

Tournament entry fees are non-refundable unless cancellation is requested in accordance with the Withdrawal Procedure.

Members who must withdraw from a regular MJT Multi-day event in which they are registered must provide at least one week's notice (7 days prior to the start date of the tournament) by mail, fax or e-mail to the MJT. Players who do not provide 7 days notice of their withdrawal will forfeit paid fees and are subject to the 'Withdrawal & No-Show Policy'. A refund, less $20 administration fee, is applied if the 7 days notice is given. Players are responsible for ensuring their request for withdrawal is received by the MJT within the time frame required.

For MJT Major events namely MJT 3 day events, MJT National Championships, International Players Championship (IPC), International Team Challenge (ITC), and any other events under the International Players Series (IPC) Banner, players must give one month’s written confirmation of withdrawal ($25 admin fee applies).  If a player give less than one month’s notice, no refund shall be given unless the position is filled by the MJT for a player in the same age division less $100 admin fee.

Withdrawals and no shows are handled in accordance with the same policies used by Junior Golf Scoreboard which have received unanimous support of US golf tours and college coaches (see letter from GCAA and NGCA here). As a result, withdrawals from tournament with less than 7 days notice will be recorded as follows:

Furthermore, in the event a member fails to notify the MJT of a tournament withdrawal and is a no show, unjustified withdrawal or does not submit a scorecard, the following actions will be taken:
First Offense: Paid fees are retained by MJT.
Second Offense: Player relinquishes entry and fees into the next event in which they are registered.
Third Offense: Player will not be allowed to compete in any remaining events for the season and relinquishes all paid tournament entry fees.

All members are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses for all MJT events. MJT will accept and fulfill requests for host families and/or match players to share accommodations and travel to help reduce the cost of these expenses whenever possible, but does not guarantee the availability of these services.

We also encourage parents to take advantage of fantastic Accommodation Specials:

As a member of the Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour you will receive up to 15% off the “Best Available Rate” at participating Wyndham Grand Hotels and Resort locations when you travel.  Book online or call and give the agent your special discount ID number1000000098 at time of booking to receive discount.

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If players are tied following 36 or 54 holes, the following tie breaker shall be use in all MJT events.
Tie Breaker #1 – Sudden Death Playoff
Overall low will be broken by sudden death playoff. (This is at the discretion of Tournament Director on site, with consideration given to daylight, travel, and course availability. Usually Low Overall has an International Qualifier attached.)
If a sudden death playoff is not possible, we will implement the following for breaking ties:
Tie Breaker #2 Low 18 hole final day score
Tie Breaker #3 Low back nine score of the final day
Tie Breaker #4 Low total of the final 6 holes played
Tie Breaker #5 Low total of the final three holes played
Tie Breaker #6 Lowest final hole played