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Canada's #1 Junior Golf Tour

Canada's #1 Junior Golf Tour

The Road to College Golf, run exclusively by PGA Professionals

MJT Mini Tour Policies & Procedures

The MJT has established the MJT Mini Tour as a series of events for young girls and boys aged 6 to 12 which promotes valuable on-course experiences and to qualify for next-level junior competitions in Canada and the U.S.


*PLEASE NOTE: All players are expected to play at a reasonable level, keep pace, score correctly and keep another competitors score. Caddies may help players with scoring

MJT will not tolerate:

MJT requests that the decisions of the committee are respected and that reactions to those decisions are made in a respectful manner

If a parent has an issue with any matter arising at an MJT, here are the steps to follow:

All are to comply with Rule 10.2 in the USGA/R&A Rules of golf, and avoid giving my player advice, and that any conversation between players or spectators may be construed as advice including any conversation in their native language. This may be subject to a 2-stroke penalty.

The MJT Mini Tour has regional tournaments in all locations, offering qualifying opportunities into other major national and international competitions.

Mini Tour events in Saskatchewan do not have international event qualifying, but invitations to the MJT Mini Tour National Championship will still be issued.

MJT Mini Tour Cell Phone Policy 

The emergence of multi-functional devices that can provide additional information to golfers is a relatively new development. For the avoidance of doubt, the MJT does not believe that it is necessary or appropriate for the Rules of Golf to allow smartphones. Conforming Distance Measuring Devices that only provide distances are allowed.

1st Infraction                Warning
2nd Infraction               2 Stroke Penalty
3rd Infraction               Disqualification

‚ÄčAge Divisions and Course Set-up

The MJT Mini Tour courses will be set-up for 18 holes of competition with the following age divisions and yardage guidelines.  These guidelines will be adjusted provincially, so please check with your provincial Tournament Director for policies in your area.

Yardage Guidelines: (Based on U.S. Kids Golf and IMG Academy Junior Worlds Guidelines)

We will strive to use these yardage guidelines for all MJT Mini Tour events but some golf course tee structure make it difficult.

Division Suggested Yardage
Boys 8U 3000 - 4200 Yards
Boys 9-10 4500 - 5200 Yards
Boys 11-12 5600 - 6000 Yards
Girls 8U 3000 - 3600 Yards
Girls 9-10 4000 - 4400 Yards
Girls 11-12 5000 - 5400 Yards


Mini Tour Schedule and Registration

To access the MJT Mini Tour schedule, please click here.

If you choose to play both the Junior Tour and the Mini Tour you are required to purchase a membership on both tours.

Pace of Play

During all MJT tournament rounds, it is expected players play without undue delay. Where at all possible, players are encouraged to play ready golf in order to maintain a reasonable pace of play. Groups are considered “in position” if they stay immediately behind the group in front. Pace will be monitored by MJT Marshals and penalty strokes could be accessed to a player or group if they fall out of position. 

Pace of Play Tips

Rescinding a Penalty

Any and all prior one-stroke penalties will be rescinded each time a group regains their proper position. This requires the group to finish a hole within 14 minutes of the group ahead. On the final hole, the group must finish within 17 minutes of the group ahead.

Caddy Rules - Updated Rules for 2024

Caddie-Related Rules

Please note: caddies will be allowed to stand behind their players at the scoring area to help with discrepancies and facilitate scoring for their players and fellow competitor, but not complete the actual scoring - please allow your player to complete his / her own scorecard.

Caddie Use of Carts

All players and caddies must walk for the duration of the event except where designated shuttles are provided. Pull carts, however, are allowed unless prohibited by the host golf course.

Penalty for caddie's breach of transportation condition (Decision 33-1/9.5): Two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred; maximum penalty per round - four strokes (two strokes at each of the first two holes at which any breach occurred).

Caddie No Smoking Policy

The MJT wants to provide a healthy and safe environment for all participants, volunteers and visitors. The MJT recognizes the risks associated with second-hand smoke and wishes to protect its participants, volunteers and visitors from these risks.  

“Smoking” is defined as the inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying of any lit cigar, cigarette, pipe or other smoking equipment, including a vape. 

The penalty for smoking while caddying on the MJT Mini Tour will automatically assess a two-stroke penalty on the player.

Repeat offenders will be relieved of their caddying responsibilities.


Walking spectators are permitted for all divisions.  We ask that all spectators observe the following guidelines:

Dress Code

Only golf attire is acceptable.  Tank tops, short shorts, swimwear, t-shirts, and denim are not considered appropriate attire and should not be worn during the competition.

Distance Measuring Devices

The MJT will allow players to use a distance measuring device that measures distance only. (No cell phones)

Graduating to MJT Junior Tour

The MJT Mini Tour will also be used to determine if a player aged 12 and under is ready to take the next step and play on the MJT Junior Tour.  MJT Mini Tour players will be allowed to compete in the MJT Junior Tour (a membership is required) if they demonstrate adequate knowledge of the Rules of Golf, carry their own bag, successfully keep the scores of two players correctly, keep up with the pace of play and shoot less than 100 from the longest tees set up at the MJT Mini Tour (approx 5000-5500 yards for boys and 4200-5000 yards for girls).  See below for more details.

Rules of Golf

MJT Mini Tour players who wish to play up in the MJT Peewee Boys/Girls U15 divisions on the MJT Junior Tour will need to possess a basic knowledge of the Rules of Golf, specifically for tournament golf.  You will be required to make rulings on the course, correctly keep both your score and the score for one other fellow-competitor in your group.  This is extremely important that players have this ability with no parents or caddies involved in this process. You will be required to meet with your Regional Tournament Director to discuss your knowledge of the Rules and whether you can implement them in a tournament setting correctly.

Carrying or Pulling your own golf bag

You must be able to adequately carry or pull your golf bag and not slow up your playing group.  This physical requirement is necessary for the MJT to maintain our pace of play policy

Players aged 12 and under who meet the criteria as outlined above can choose to compete in both MJT Mini Tour and Junior Tour events.

(Some players may already be exempt as have played in the past and have shown competence – this will be determined by Provincial Tournament Director).

Tie-Breaker Format

If players are tied following 18, 36 or 54 holes, the following tie-breaker shall be used in all MJT events.

Tie Breaker #1 – Sudden Death Playoff

If a sudden-death playoff is not possible, or there is a tie for 2nd or 3rd, we will implement the following for breaking ties:

All other ties will split the OOM points evenly for those finishing positions.

9 Hole Count Back (lowest score is winner)