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MJT Mini Tour Policies & Procedures

The MJT has established the MJT Mini Tour of a series of events for young girls and boys ages 7-12 which allow them to gain valuable on-course competitive experiences in a friendly atmosphere.

No membership is required to play the Mini Tour  which offers high-caliber tournaments, giving the opportunity to compete against players of their own age in a competitive setting from appropriate yardages. The MJT Mini Tour has provincial tournaments set for the 2018 season and some may also offer qualifiers to other major national or international junior events. 

‚ÄčAges Divisions and Course Set-up

The MJT Mini Tour courses will be set-up for 18 holes of competition with the following age divisions and yardage guidelines.  These guidelines will be adjusted provincially, so please check with your provincial Tournament Director for policies in your area.

Yardage Guidelines: (Based on U.S. Kids and IMG Academy Junior Worlds Guidelines)

We will strive to use these yardage guidelines for all MJT Mini Tour events.  

Boys 8U         3600 - 4300 Yards
Boys 9-10      4600 - 5200 Yards
Boys 11-12   5200 - 6000 Yards
Girls 8U         3000 - 3600 Yards
Girls 9-10      4000 - 4600 Yards
Girls 11-12   4600 - 5200 Yards

MJT Mini Tour Schedule

To access the MJT Mini Tour schedule, coming soon

No membership required. Entry fees: $79 per tournament (18 holes)


  • A change for the 2018 season allows caddies for all age divisions on the Mini Tour 
  • Caddies are not allowed on the putting greens at all, but will help with Rules of Golf, scoring, carrying or pulling the player’s golf bag, keeping pace of play, and general help with the group (raking bunkers, etc.) 

Please note: caddies will be allowed to stand behind their players at the scoring area to help with discrepancies and facilitate scoring for their players and fellow competitor, but not complete the actual scoring - that is the player’s responsibility.


Walking spectators are permitted for all divisions.  We ask that all spectators observe the following guidelines:

  • Remain 30 yards from players and do not communicate with players as this may be construed as advice
  • Golf carts are for spectators with disabilities only. 
  • Players cannot ride at any time or they will be disqualified.

Dress Code

Only acceptable golf attire is acceptable.  Tank tops, short shorts swimwear, t-shirts, and denim are not considered appropriate attire and should not be worn during the competition.

Distance Measuring Devices

The MJT will allow players to use a distance measuring device. Players may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.

Graduating to MJT Junior Tour (regular / multi-day events)

The MJT Mini Tour will also be used to determine if a player aged 12 and under is ready to take the next step and play on the MJT Junior Tour.  MJT Mini Tour players will be allowed to compete in the MJT Junior Tour (a membership is required) if they demonstrate adequate knowledge of the Rules of Golf, carry their own bag, successfully keep the scores of two players correctly, keep up with the pace of play and shoot less than 100 from the longest tees set up at the MJT Mini Tour (approx 5000-5500 yards for boys and 4200-5000 yards for girls). See below for more details:

Rules of Golf

MJT Mini Tour players who wish to play up in the MJT Peewee Boys/Girls Divisions on the MJT Junior Tour will need to possess a basic knowledge of the Rules of Golf, specifically for Tournament Golf.  You will be required to make rulings on the course, correctly keep both your score and the score for one other fellow-competitor in your group.  This is extremely important that players have this ability with no parents or caddies involved in this process. You will be required to meet with your Provincial Tournament Director to discuss your knowledge of the Rules and whether you can implement them in a tournament setting correctly.

Carrying or Pulling your own golf bag

You must be able to adequately carry or pull your golf bag and not slow up your playing group.  This physical requirement is necessary for the MJT to maintain our pace of play policy

Players aged 12 and under who meet the criteria as outlined above can choose to compete in both MJT Mini Tour and Junior Tour events.

(Some players may already be exempt as have played in the past and have shown competence – this will be determined by Provincial Tournament Director).