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Canada's #1 Junior Golf Tour

Canada's #1 Junior Golf Tour

The Road to College Golf, run exclusively by PGA Professionals

What People Are Saying

The staff and volunteers at the Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour work hard to provide players and parents with a positive experience before, during and after each event.

Here's a small sample of the 1000's of testimonials received from junior players, parents and affiliated organizations about the MJT and it's programs (click on the link at the end to read many more)....

Hi Trent just want to thank you for all your help and all your tournaments, I just committed to MSU Billings for D2 golf. MJT has been my favourite tour for a long time and it definitely was one of the main reasons I am where I am today. Thank you again for all the work you’ve done with the Maple Leaf Junior Tour and your support in my college recruiting process.
-RB, Alberta

We just got back from Wigwam, and wow, what an event.  The opening Reception was much better than I expected, and much better than the opening event at the FCG World’s this year.  The speakers you had, as well as the videos, were all so well done and interesting.  Especially the stories from Henry Brunton about how top Canadian pros came to be, how they progressed at different rates, and how they have become who they are today.  Just really top notch.

The tournament itself was so well coordinated and organized from beginning to end, and I really enjoyed meeting and talking to those of you that I did interact with.

The awards ceremony at the end of the week also did not disappoint.  Very well organized, and a real privilege to get to meet and hear Adam Hadwin speak.  What a motivational moment for young aspiring golfers.

My son met a lot of great kids, and contrary to my expectations, I continue to be impressed with how well the kids get along with each other despite they are competing with each other.  At the awards ceremony, he was sitting at a table talking with most of the top kids in his age division, and they’re all laughing and talking like friends. I don’t see this level of class between the kids in the other sports my son has played.  

He had an amazing time this week, and already is talking about being anxious for the tournaments to start up again in March.  Massive credit to all of you for what you do, and for the quality of the tournament we just had.  Thank you all so much.
I just wanted to send along a big thank you from my son and myself. We had an absolute wonderful time in Arizona and appreciate all the efforts from you and your team at MJT. Looking forward to the 2024 season. All the best.
-AB, Ontario
Thanks again to you and your team for organizing the MJT National Championship at Wigwam. Great experience for our daughter! 
Trent, great to meet you in person down in Phoenix.  My son had a fantastic time!  Thanks for organizing another great event!
-GA, Ontario
Thank you everyone at MJT for a great season.  Also, my playing partners, it was really fun meeting all of you!
-AF, Saskatchewan
My wife and son had a great week in Phoenix.  Great memories were made with great golf friends, the resort and the course were amazing.  As always, thanks to you and the MJT for all you do!
-DF, Alberta
Hey Trent, thanks very much for everything you and the MJT have done for our son over the past 6 years. The National Tourney this past week in Arizona was another spectacular event!! Great venue and very well organized. So nice to have the ability to participate in such a huge event. ease pass along our thanks to the rest of the MJT Team especially Dave and Sharon Smallwood.
-RDC, Ontario
Trent and MJT Tournament Coordinators, please accept our sincere thanks for providing an amazing experience for the talented group of golfers.  Thank you for recognizing achievement, being positive leaders and planning an organized event!  Thank you for recognizing the need for financial support.  Our son was able to attend the National Championship in Phoenix because of the HFF Funding, thanks again.
-DB, Ontario
My experience at the JNJG International in Australia  was one that I will never forget.  I feel that I matured as a golfer as well as an individual.  Friends from across the globe were made and memories created that will last a lifetime.  Thank you to the MJT for giving me this tremendous opportunity.
-WH, Alberta
I would like to thank MJT for making this scholarship possible. Without MJT, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to play on a junior golf circuit. I also think without MJT I wouldn’t be where I am today, in the states playing collegiate golf. It’s a great honour for me and my family!
-BW, New Brunswick (HFF Academic Scholarship Recipient)
Hi Trent. I wanted to say a big thank you for the opportunity you gave our son in Niagara. He had a great time. Thank you for being a great coach and chaperone for the trip. 
We believe strongly in the Maple Leaf Junior Tour, the development and opportunities the tour provides for its athletes. 
-PD, Alberta
Thank you to the Herrendorf Family Foundation and the MJT for this incredible opportunity to continue my post secondary education and NCAA golf career!  My family and I very much appreciate the support and are grateful for this scholarship opportunity supporting young athletes!
-CC, Alberta (HFF Academic Scholarship Recipient)
MJT are great events and I appreciate all the hard work that is done to organize these events.
-ED, Manitoba
My favorite part about playing on the MJT is meeting new friends. 
-SW, Alberta
“The Herrendorf Family Foundation scholarship is an incredible opportunity for me to pursue my academic and golf goals. I am grateful for their generosity and excited to make the most of this chance. One day I hope to spread the same generosity and kindness that the Herrendorf Family Foundation has given to me, Thank you!”
-PW, Ontario (HFF Academic Scholarship Recipient)
Thank you very much, it was great experience and we were very happy to share MJT 25th anniversary! 
The boys are excited to go to Australia together, they have been friends for 4 years now after meeting on the MJT!
-AS, Ontario
I love golf, and I love playing in MJT events where I get to meet and play with golfers from different regions. I’m grateful to the Herrendorf Family Foundation and MJT for this scholarship which gives me the chance to compete and play more.
-LT, BC (HFF Playing Scholarship Recipient)
Thank you so much for arranging such a great event.  Our son really loves the MJT, his favourite part is meeting new friends.
My daughter wanted to say thank you and she really enjoyed her first season. She is also looking forward to next year!
Thank you guys so much, we loved every minute of being on the MJT and will be there with bells on next season! 
-CH, Alberta
My husband and I want to express how truly grateful we are for your support with our daughter this year.  It has been an absolutely wonderful experience to become involved with MJT.  It is easy to see that all of you as a team truly care about your players and have faith they can succeed.
-ES, Ontario
Thanks again, the tournament at Fox Harb’r was really fun and I made lots of new friends, we are going to try and meet up for tournaments in the future!
-NR, Ontario
My daughter wanted to say thank you and she really enjoyed her first season. She is also looking forward to next year.
Thank you so much. Again what an amazing season in the books in the east coast and a thanks goes out to all MJT members and staff. Really appreciate it.
-SA, New Brunswick
It was an amazing weekend. Ryan Kingston and his team were wonderful!
-CD, New Brunswick
Thank you so much for the opportunity and once in a lifetime experience our son had at Junior America’s Cup. I can only imagine how much work it was for you. My husband and I deeply appreciate your efforts in planning and executing this trip for the boys. Thanks again for all that you continue to do for our junior golfers and for the support you have given our son throughout his junior golf career.
-SK, Alberta
My daughter played her first MJT tournament on the weekend at Bondhead.  What an event you guys put on.  Amazing.
-GB, Ontario
My son is just really into getting better and is already talking about next year.  So professionally run, great attitude of all players, super supportive staff, and just a great experience!
My daughter and I had a great outing on Sunday morning.  My girl came to try golf and had a great time!  Thanks to everyone involved: Chilliwack Golf Club, Chilliwack Ford and especially the leaders at each of the 3 activities!  Awesome event!
-BT, BC – Chilliwack Ford GO GOLF! Clinic
My son had a great time today! Well organized, good pace of activities and my son enjoyed interacting with the coaches and other kiddos. 
-SD, BC – Chilliwack Ford GO GOLF! Clinic 
This was our son’s last MJT tournament before he moves south. With that said, we wanted to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for you & your team’s unwavering support and dedication to junior golfers & the journey to collegiate golf. Through the years of tournaments, our son has earned a golf/academic scholarship to attend Notre Dame College, and we couldn't be happier. The relentless efforts in organizing these tournaments have not only provided him with the platform to showcase his skills but also honed his abilities to the fullest. MJT’s commitment to the sport have been instrumental in shaping him into the golfer he is today. We truly appreciate MJT’s impactful role in his journey. Throughout the years, we've witnessed our son’s growth as an individual and as an athlete through the summer seasons with MJT. MJT tournaments have not only been competitive but have also created an environment that fosters learning, growth, and camaraderie. He developed friendships, forged valuable connections, and learned valuable life lessons, all thanks to these tournaments. The efforts and sacrifices put forth by the entire MJT team have not gone unnoticed, and we recognize that you go above and beyond to make these tournaments extraordinary. The passion and love for the sport resonate in every aspect of your organization, and it is truly inspiring. As he embarks on this new chapter of his life at Notre Dame College, we will always cherish the memories and experiences gained through the MJT tournaments. Your continued support has not only provided him with a golf scholarship but has also instilled in him a deep-rooted love for the sport. MJT tournaments have undoubtedly influenced his life in meaningful ways, and for that, we are forever grateful. Wishing you & your team continued success in all your future tournaments.
-DS, Alberta
Thank you for a great event at Kingswood on the weekend. My daughter is looking forward to playing Fox Harbour as she has never been there before.
-MH, Prince Edward Island
Look forward to finishing out the season and preparing for the finals.  Thanks to you and all the MJT for the support he has received.
-LK, Alberta
Another great week with MJT, especially with his first Hole In One!!
-CB, Alberta
Our daughter competed last November in Florida as an exemption and had a fabulous experience.  Thanks very much for the awesome MJT events she has attended this season.
-ZP, Ontario
Thank you so much for the team bag and team uniforms for Junior America’s Cup. Thank you so very much – it’s all amazing!  
-SK, Alberta
My wife and I appreciate all that the MJT and you have done for our son!
-KV, Alberta
We appreciate your and MJT support.  It has been an incredible journey and without you guys, it wouldn’t be possible.
-TT, Alberta
Thanks to the MJT for the great opportunities and continued support. We were in Las Vegas last week at World Stars of Golf and we had a great time.  
-UW, Alberta
It is a great cause to support junior golf in fact my son played on the MJT for two years when he was a junior golfer. Great program.
-TO, Alberta
Just wanted to thank you on behalf of my son for the opportunity to play the International Junior Masters. He had an amazing week of competition playing over 100 holes of golf in 4 days and finishing final 4. He played against older kids from around the world and gained valuable experience. 
-HT, Ontario
We appreciate your and MJT support.  We are happy to report our son came back from 6th to finish runner up and career low throughout the World Stars Championship.  We are proud to represent Canada.  
-TT, Alberta
We would like to THANK YOU the MJT team, the ATB team, staff, caddies who have made the ATB Future Stars so enjoyable and a lifetime experience for juniors. My husband and son just got back home from the event and was so overwhelmed with the hospitality in Edmonton and all the wonderful people they have met and connected with. Once again on behalf of all of the family, we THANK YOU so much for all your help, support and experience.
Your team has been doing a great job hosting the events this year.
-DB, Alberta
I just wanted to provide a thank you to all of the MJT staff and officials who gutting this one out trying to get it done as best as possible. I just wanted to extend a thank you to the MJT Alberta Team and the rest of the staff for all of the hard work you guys do.
-LK, Alberta
Thank you for the good tournament at Stony Plain. The course was in great condition and our kids really enjoyed playing.
-KP, Alberta
The best part of playing the MJT is getting pizza afterwards, and it is a bit more of a challenge!
Thank you, Trent! He really enjoyed playing the MJT, amazing event and support from our MJT team every time! They watched Nick Taylor winning the playoff together right at the moment!! Then the Cheam Mountain Instagram account included our son to the story with Nick Taylor winning lol!! 
It’s always great to have you guys, Dave, thank you for giving us the pleasure of hosting and so glad that this year hit it out of the park!
-Rebel Creek Golf Club, Ontario
Murray and Elaine,
You both should be proud of what you created ... the MJT and the unending dedication over the years.  The positive impact your efforts on countless families and aspiring junior golfers culminates in the ultimate reward.  Seeing one of our juniors, Nick Taylor, making history for Canada in what will always be remembered as one of the greatest playoffs in golf history!
Thank you for the wonderful adidas prize.  
Congratulations to Murray, Elaine and the rest of the MJT team, Nick Taylor’s historic win is definitely a proud moment for your contributions to the game of golf in Canada. 
My son really enjoyed attending the golf clinic this afternoon. It was his first time on the golf course and he learned a lot. He says he can’t wait to play again. Thank you to everyone involved especially Woodridge Ford in making it happen and giving these kids the opportunity to try out golf.
-IG, Ford Clinic
Thank you for helping me with this.  I wasn’t able to be at the event, but my son really enjoyed it and had his uncle as his caddy.  He is looking forward to the next one!!
-RB, Alberta
Hi Trent, I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity you have given me.  I look forward to playing in the Junior America’s Cup this year.
-CF, Alberta
Thank you very much for inviting my daughter to compete this past weekend.  She really enjoyed the competition and playing the golf course.  The MJT events she has attended have been really well run and she looks forward to competing again this spring and summer. Thanks again and good luck with your season.
-SP, Ontario
Thank you again for all the support and information from you and the wonderful MJT team, Trent!
We are truly appreciative. Our son has deeply enjoyed and benefited from his years playing MJT while he/we have lived in both AB and BC.
I just attended the college application presentation by Bloom Education.  Thanks for the information session it was very helpful & informative.
-SS, Alberta
I wanted to thank everyone at MJT, especially Chris and his team in BC. This is the first Junior event our daughter has played in. She was very nervous to try a Junior event.
The experience has been fantastic and the team has done a great job. The girls are really enjoying themselves. We find the MJT tour is the most professional of all including Notah Begay Jr and IMG world Juniors. Thanks again to Chris and the whole team at MJT!
It has been an amazing journey! I am excited to announce I have signed an NLI committing to the University of Rhode Island (NCAA D1) to play on their Men's Golf Team on Full Scholarship. I would like to thank my family, coaches and my peers and friends who have competed with me on the Maple Leaf Junior Tour, and my teachers who have helped me pursue academic success. Without everybody's support, none of my accomplishments would have been possible. 
-JT, Alberta
Thank you, the MJT has been great for my son. The journey has been amazing thank you again.
I’ve played on the MJT tour from the start of my golf career and it has been such a wonderful experience. MJT has helped me learn and grow so much and I’m truly grateful for the tour. Thank you so much!
Thanks again for all your help and communication - it has gone a long ways in building a strong culture and team on the SAIT Trojans, full (literally) of MJT alumni.
-SAIT Trojans Golf Team, Alberta
Great to see such impressive play at my home course! The MJT is definitely setting up our young golf talent for success.

-The ModGolf Podcast, BC

Things seem to be off to a good start with the season and as popular as ever, so you guys at the MJT can keep up the great work.

-RK, Saskatchewan

We've been fortunate to have travelled to Nationals every year that our son has played on the MJT circuit, so it was definitely a tough decision to turn it down this year. You and the rest of the MJT staff put on a good show, Trent - keep it up! Talk to you in 2023.

-MR, Saskatchewan

My son wanted to say thanks for all your work this year running the MJT tournaments. 
He was excited to win POY this year!

-RG, Alberta

Thank you!  Once again you guys held another excellent tournament.  Thank you for making my junior career memorable with all the events you hosted throughout the years I played Junior Golf.

-DK, Alberta

Well done on another successful Championship.  The MJT is first class all the way!

-RT, Alberta

Trent, thx to you and your team for making the National Championship tournament happen!  Nothing but smiles from what I’ve seen from the kids.

-DF, Alberta

Amazing work MJT Team. Thanks to you and thanks to Sean Foley for accommodating the change in schedule due to the hurricane.

-JH, Alberta

Thank you for all your hard work. -

JL, Manitoba

Thank you so much for the invite for our son.  He will be accepting and is so excited for November.  

-JS, Alberta

Thank you once again for such an amazing tournament in Orlando, we had a great time.


Thank you very much for a really great tournament weekend and for giving our daughter the opportunity to compete.  Your team did an amazing job making the most out of the weekend and putting together a fabulous event despite the obstacles with the weather.  Our daughter is looking forward to competing on the MJT again next season.

-ZP, Ontario

I would like to say thank you for organizing this event and it went so successfully given the tough hurricane challenge, well done to everyone at the MJT.

-BL, Ontario

I wanted to say thank you for the fantastic opportunity you gave me last weekend.  It was a tournament I will remember for sure. The MJT Team did a great job working around the conditions in Florida, and it allowed me to improve.

-RG, Alberta

This is to accept the invitation to attend the MJT National championship.   This is a great opportunity for me and I am looking forward to it.

-CVR, Alberta

Thanks very much for hosting another exceptional National event.  Always a pleasure to speak with parents from around the country and for the golfers to play with other like-minded kids.  Great event! Thanks!

-RDC, Ontario

From the whole family here, good luck with the launch of the 2023 season and have a great Christmas.   Already looking forward to an early spring and seeing everyone at Paradise Canyon.

-SA, Alberta

To the Alberta Crew,
Thank you for another fantastic year of MJT golf. We see the work and dedication you pour into the athletes at every event and are very grateful for that. Thank you. All the best and see you next season.
-The Q’s, Alberta
Our son has now aged out of the MJT program.  Thank you for all the time and effort you put into the program, it has given him a ton of great memories and a lifetime of golf.
-KT, Manitoba
Just wanted to thank you and all of the MJT team for another fantastic season.  Once again, the MJT tour is the best run and organized golf tour in the country.  You guys treat the kids with such respect but do not " baby" them and even if they don't take golf to the next level, these are great life lessons for the competitors.
--LK, Alberta
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Ford Go Golf Clinic (Cam Clark Richmond)!  Our kids enjoyed the clinic!
Thank you for having my two boys at your clinic.  They really enjoyed it and want to continue playing golf.  They liked the obstacle course set up for the putting and thought it was really fun playing like mini golf.  And of course they had a blast at the driving range. 
-AC, BC (Ford Go Golf Clinic!) – Cam Clark Richmond
Thank you and your team for a great season.
I enjoyed playing MJT Mini Tour Tournaments which are always well organized.  I am looking forward to the next season.
-TS, Ontario
From the whole family here, good luck with the launch of the 2023 season and have a great Christmas.   Already looking forward to an early spring and seeing everyone next season.

-SA, Alberta

Looking forward to hearing from you and looking forward to another fun year on your exceptional Tour.

-BK, Ontario

Really appreciate all of you from MJT for everything you do for junior golf!!


Thanks again for all you guys do and we will see you next year!
-MS, Alberta
Really like what you are doing for our juniors up here in Canada.  I think you will be shocked in 10 years from now, how many Canadians will be playing professional golf.  And MJT should be proud of what they do and the opportunities they give our young golfers.
-KL, Alberta
Just wanted to say thank you to you the staff at MJT for a successful event, my daughter had a blast competing in the National Team Championship.

-PL, Ontario

A huge thank you.  Our daughter had a blast at the National Team Challenge in Niagara Falls this weekend.  We are so appreciative.

-JL, Manitoba

Just a quick email to thank the MJT AB Staff for taking care of the MJT team this past week at the National Team Challenge….my son had fun and enjoyed the experience!

-KV, Alberta

Our daughter is very excited to be the Order of Merit Winner, she wants to say a “Big Thank You” to you and all the MJT staff.  She loves the opportunities the MJT provides and all the friends she has made and experiences gained.


Thank you very much! MJT is well organized, my son is already preparing for next season.


Just wanted to send a note to say thanks for the encouragement of entering the Mini Tour Nationals in BC. Both my daughter and I had an amazing time with memories to last a lifetime. I'm so glad we decided to go, it was an awesome experience and a small taste of what to expect in the future if she wants to go this path.


Thank you so much.  My son is very excited to participate again this year. His first experience last year was amazing!
-CD, Atlantic Canada 
Thank you for all you have done for golfing in Canada.  We have had two kids play on the MJT, one more to go. Thanks again.

-AM, Alberta

A very kind gesture Trent, and thank you for all that you do for junior golfers and aspiring collegiate players across the country!
-RM, Atlantic Canada
As my son will no longer be a junior golfer,  I would like to thank the MJT for all its assistance with regards to my son's junior career.
-PB, Ontario
Thank you so much for all you do for our youth.
Thank you very much and would like to say the MJT has been nothing but professional to deal with.
-KF, Alberta
Our experience with the MJT has been fantastic this point, with the majority of our roster being an MJT alumni.
-SAIT Trojans Golf Team
Thanks a ton!! I appreciate the work you did to get me into these events! Can't wait for this summer!
-TS, Alberta
Our son has verbally accepted the offer to University of Minnesota Crookston for 2022.  Thanks again for all the help with this, it has been greatly appreciated and has made the process a lot easier. With everything COVID and the unknowns that came with it, having yourself (and Salima from Bloom Education) there was a huge help. If you ever have anyone who isn’t sure on the process or wants to talk to someone who has gone thru it, feel free to send them my way. I would be more than happy to chat with anyone on the fence or wondering about the support MJT provides.
-SH, Alberta
Thanks a lot for your help. MJT Mini Tour is well organized. My two kids  are enjoying this season.


Thanks a lot for the invitation! My daughter asked me to say thank you for the invite and hosting such amazing MJT events.
In my opinion none of the tours and events are run as well or as organized as what I saw in the MJT events. You guys are doing a great job in a difficult environment.
Thank you very much and thank you to organize the great events loved by the boys! Best wishes.
Hello, my son had a great time at the Chilliwack event.
Our family appreciates you guys so much!  Thanks for all your hard work!
Thank you very much.  This is our childrens’ first time in the tour and your email information and updates are very helpful. We appreciate it.
-SS, Saskatchewan
Our son is very excited to accept this fantastic invitation to the Junior America’s Cup!
-KC, Alberta
Our daughter is so excited for qualifying IMG Academy Junior World Golf Championship! We are so happy to accept it! Thank you so much for giving her this opportunity.
Just wanted to thank you, for having our daughter play today -  it’s also her birthday.  Thanks for the great work that you both do, for the kids - amazing. Again thanks, greatly appreciated!
-KO, Alberta
Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity and for all your doing to support junior golf.
-MH, Ontario
Thank you very much for sending the invitation! I would love to attend as this is a very unique opportunity!
-ZS, Saskatchewan
When I registered my son, this was his first experience - he had an absolute blast today (although he played very badly and far from his best), but the environment and kids etc he had a blast.

-BH, Ontario

Oh perfect thank you so much for your help and being awesome
-JC, Ontario
This is an amazing honour and opportunity. Thanks to you guys for putting on great events for our kids!
-CW, Atlantic Canada
Thanks so much for a great weekend in Banff. Please pass along my congratulations to your entire team for a phenomenal weekend/event. 
-SD, Alberta
Thank you for a great tournament in Banff - it was a really cool experience playing in the mountains and with the elk!
-AP, Ontario
Good morning, just wanted to say “thank you” for an amazing experience my son had at his first MJT (and competitive tourney) event ever.  

-KS, Ontario

Our daughter is looking forward to Nationals it always her favourite tournament of the year!!!! Only sad that next year will be her last when she turns 12.
Also we would like to thank you and MJT for all of your hard work.  The opportunities you are giving her surpasses anything we could have ever dreamed of.  
-UW, Alberta
Thank you very much! Our daughter is very happy to get this opportunity. We accept this invitation  to the 2022 MJT Mini Tour National Championship. 
We'd really like to thank you for your personal touch at tournaments and running the events, our younger son, will be coming up and we'd more than likely be looking to sign him up next year, thanks again Trent! 
-BK, Alberta
That is so amazing and thank you! He had a blast at your tournament!
-BP, Ontario
FYI - this should be an enjoyable trip for our son where we hope he continues to develop as a strong player with a good sense of team.  Thanks again for the opportunity.
-AK, Alberta
We are so excited to hear that our can attend to this tournament. Yes, We accept the invitation.  Thanks a lot.
Thank you guys to putting on this event along with Zender Ford.  My son enjoyed the clinic and would love to continue with golf.
-AP, Alberta
Thanks again.  Trent, I spoke to another parent and he had great things to say about you regarding scholarships.  
-PN, Alberta
Trent, thank you very much for your invitation, our son is happy to join this tour in August. Thank you always for providing him a great number of opportunities to grow  with golf.
Appreciate the work that MJT does…….as it doesn’t just help my son become a better golfer, but I believe it is instrumental in preparing him for his future.
A quick Monday morning thank you to the team involved in planning and executing the MJT Mini Tour event at Sawmill Golf Course yesterday. From my birds eye view (from registering to day of play), the event was well organized and seemed to run without a hitch. Your dedication and encouragement for these youngsters is much appreciated.  Thank you for all you are doing to support junior golf. 
-MS, Ontario
Take Care and thanks for everything you do to make golf a great competitive sport for these kids who love to play it. You do a particularly good job of managing all the challenges that go with providing a fun, competitive and healthy environment for kids to grow up in while golfing competitively.
Thanks for all your help with this and everything else through our MJT years. Much appreciated.
-SK, Alberta
We are having a wonderful time in your tour. He has had some great success so far and we plan to play more events this year. 
-GT, Ontario
First of all, thanks for the great opportunity. We are so honored that our son got invited to the National Championship. MJT is such a great tournament for young players like Lewis to get motivated on pursuing their passion for golf.  Thanks for MJT hosting such a great event and we believe this year  is such a great start for our son and he will grow along with MJT as many more years awaiting ahead. 
Thank you for another great tournament in Olds!
-KP, Alberta
You do a great job marketing  for the Tour. Other tours could benefit if they emulated your work! Cheers!

-JR, London Ontario Sports

Thanks very much for spending time with our son and I this morning Trent, we really appreciate it, and thank you for this introduction to Next Level University Sports.

-JO, Alberta

Thank you for giving us the opportunity, she wouldn’t be here without you.  Have a great day!

-UW, Alberta

Thanks again for allowing us the extra time to try and make it work.  And thanks for running such an amazing league for young golfers to compete.

-TD, Ontario

Thank you Trent for all your help and this exciting opportunity! 


This was supposed to be my last MJT I just wanted to thank you for all the experiences and help you have given me throughout the years, it was an amazing time.

-GM, Alberta

Hi Trent, thanks for this note and a very special thanks to you for your commitment and dedication to helping our boys have a fantastic learning experience this past week at the Junior America’s Cup.  This experience will benefit him and the other boys as they pursue their dreams.

-AK, Alberta

I wanted to let you know how great Dave Smallwood and his team were yesterday at Bond Head. Upon arriving we discovered that we had put our son's clubs in the wrong car and he did not have his clubs with him.  He had been leading his division on day one and was panicked at the thought of not being able to play. Dave stepped up and loaned out his own clubs for the round. While he didn't do as well on day two and was obviously still missing his range finder etc. he still managed to place second and was at least able to play.  This would not have been possible without the help of Dave and his team.  

Thank you so much to Dave and for all that MJT does to help support junior golfers.

-TO, Ontario

Andrew is wonderful.  He has a way of making every person (at least in the younger divisions) feel seen and feel like they are all doing a great job. The little ones at this age can take it so seriously and he has a great way of making them all feel seen. The events are very well organized, professional, throughout and pulled off extremely well by Andrew and his team. I hear it so much by other parents how great the MJT tournaments are and how they stand out above the rest.  It doesn't often get back to you guys so I thought I would share.

-SM, Atlantic Canada

We had a great time in the last tournament at Woodington.  We look forward to future events.  MJT is a wonderful tour.

-GT, Ontario

Again, let me say what a great event it was at Coyote Creek.  Super venue for the kids.

-SA, Alberta

Really enjoyed our first time in a MJT event!

-RVP, Atlantic Canada

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the great experience and bringing the boys back safe home from Junior America’s Cup.  Our son couldn’t stop telling us all the great experiences he had.  We truly appreciate all your hard work for the event.


Our daughters had a great time playing at Harry White Little Masters at Kings Links yesterday and today. Thank you for organizing another wonderful event!


My oldest daughter and I watched her friend at Chambers Bay yesterday. She is in the finals of the US Womens Am today. Hopefully she has a great Sunday also.   This is fantastic for Canadian golf and MJT is a part of producing these types of players.

-PK, Ontario

I am a golf coach in Oakville ON, my students really love playing in your events and have a lot of fun playing on your tour.

-BK, Ontario

Just wanted to say WOW! Impressive!  Service on the weekend is not what I expected.

-DT, Ontario

I just wanted to thank you for the Opportunities over the years to play golf and all that you do for us. I love what this sport has done for me and I am thankful to have been able to participate with MJT.  I hope we can stay in touch.

-BF, Alberta

This is so awesome, thank you. I am so surprised to be given this award.  I played in the national championship this year in BC and all your team were so incredible to me.

-HK, Ontario

This will be our son's last event.  It has been an incredible run, he started on the Mini Tour in 2011. So many memories!

-AB, Alberta

Appreciate the work that MJT does…….as it doesn’t just help my son become a better golfer, but I believe it is instrumental in preparing him for his future.


My son had a blast at his first Mini Tour event, can't wait until the next one.

-RC, Alberta

I just wanted to let you know that we "met" with Ryan from Next Level U Sports last week and had a very good conversation.  We really liked his energy and personality and was impressed with his presentation. We have decided to go with his expertise to help us on our son's recruitment journey. 


We had a great time! The event was run so well, all the people involved were so encouraging and kind. Thanks for providing our youth with such wonderful opportunities to grow with the game of golf! 


Thank you so so so much for the opportunity today at the Ford Go Golf clinic at Chilliwack GC. My son(7) absolutely LOVED it! He came home and we signed him up for lessons at Chilliwack Golf Club. We have taken him to the driving range before, but learning from pros today was definitely special for him!


Unfortunately, my son is now too old to play MJT.  Thanks for many wonderful years!!

-KC, Ontario

Thank you very much and would like to say the MJT has been nothing but professional to deal with.

-KF, Atlantic Canada

I played in the national championship this year in BC and all your team were so incredible to me. Thank you again.

-HK, Ontario

Our son is a proud member of MJT and can hardly wait to go on to this prestigious Division 1 school that has produced some of the top Canadian tour golfers such as Mackenzie Hughes & Corey Conners! Thanks you so much to MJT for all their support for Junior golf, you are producing the next generation of talent! 


Hi there!  I just wanted to extend my gratitude towards every member of the MJT community for making such an amazing year possible!  I was really impressed at how calmly the postponed and canceled events were handled, and I enjoyed every single MJT tournament I played in, especially nationals!  Cannot wait for the next season.

-LD, Ontario

FYI you guys do such a great job with your management of these events. I am a tournament director on the Mackenzie Tour, and I have seen tour events not run as well as yours.   Keep up the good work

-TG, Alberta

… first off, big thanks to you and your team for another great event and day at Turnberry. Really appreciate your effort to manage these events for the kids during tough times.

-RS, Ontario

By the way, I've heard nothing but amazing feedback about the events so far - not only the professionalism of them, but the community in general. I've had a few students getting into MJT's for the first time this year, and they've all come back raving about the events.

-DB, Alberta

I would like to thank you and your organization for everything over the last seven years it’s been a pleasure and a great opportunity for my girl. All the best and thank you again.

-PB, Manitoba

Thank you so much for all of the work you do for junior golf in Alberta. The tournaments were some of the best tournaments I played in, and I enjoyed every chance I had to tee it up in an event.

-BL, Alberta

Thanks again for the note and for running such an outstanding program for the kids.


He enjoyed Moon Lake a lot! You guys do a great job.

-TR, Saskatchewan

Thank you for running this great series of events for the kids. My son has met a bunch of lifelong friends he wouldn’t have other than through golf.

-JS, Manitoba

The boys have had a blast playing on the MJT this season. The life skills they will take with them are priceless. You and your team should be proud of the work you have done to develop junior golf in Canada and provide so many kids across the country the pathway to enjoy a game that can last a lifetime…. Wishing you and your team a successful National Championship and

continued success growing this amazing game.

-SD, Ontario

I should say that this is our first year playing   and I am really impressed with how well everything is run. 

-AC, Ontario

I appreciate the past 5 years of golf on the MJT, it was a great way to prepare me for my further golf goals.

-SB, Alberta

Our son has always enjoyed playing events held by your tour. He, and we, eagerly await next year's season.

-SA, Ontario

The events with MJT are our first priority if possible as they are the best events for juniors - well run with great competition.


Our daughter and the whole family came in 2019 when she was 8 years old, she won her qualification through the Maple Leaf Junior Tour, our favourite Canadian Junior Golf Tour.

-MD, Manitoba

My daughter had a great time this weekend competing in the u15 division for the first time. I only signed her up for the one event to see if she could manage. She loved it.

-MS, Alberta

Thanks so much for all you do and all the work you & your team did for the weekend  – it was a great event. 

-TR, Alberta

Great job once again for putting this together and making it such a great event for the kiddos to enjoy after such a challenging time.

-JD, Alberta

My daughter enjoyed her first tournament last weekend with MJT, it was a well-organized event.


I just want to thank you and the staff for yesterday it was a great tournament and very well organized.

-JH, National

Thanks for putting on such a fun tournament for the kids.

-JB, Alberta

Again thanks for all you do for Junior Golf and the kids.

-JR, Ontario

I did want to pass along that I thought the event was very well organized and my son really enjoyed the day. 

-RP, Alberta

Thank-you for providing these events for the juniors we are loving it. Sadiq and Chris are awesome, we are heading to the interior for the 3 events and are super excited.


Thank you for offering such a great opportunity for my son.

-DD, Ontario

BTW, a big thank you to you and MJT. Our son played his first ever golf tournament with your tour.

-KP, Ontario

Thank you, he is very excited about the tournaments he is doing this year.

-MC, Ontario

Thank you and the MJT staff for a great couple of days. Well ran and great event.

-KD, National

We have had a great experience with the way the Maple Leaf Junior Tour has been run and I definitely will recommend it to others!

-RC, Ontario

He is in the Moon Lake one as we speak and really enjoying it. He’s particularly impressed with how well it’s run. Thank you.

-AD, Saskatchewan

Appreciate the kind words and for putting on great events to help me grow as a player.

-BO, Alberta

Also, just wanted to share what an awesome experience our son is having this year on the MJT.   We appreciate all the effort your team does to run a great tournament and make the kids feel special.

-RB, Alberta

Thank you for everything you do with these tournaments our son enjoys them so much.  


You guys run outstanding events and we are sorry to have to miss this one.

-MM, Ontario

Wow, thank-you, you guys are amazing. A top notch organization in every encounter I have had so far. Thanks again.

-AS, Ontario

Thanks for a great summer again. My son LOVED IT, AGAIN!!!!

-JW, Saskatchewan

We truly appreciate what the MJT does for aspiring golfers.

-KV, Alberta

Thank You to MJT and all your Team for a great tournament this past weekend.  Thanks for all your support for Junior Golf.

-CR, Ontario

I was speaking with Henry Brunton and once again endorsed how well you guys run your tour.  It is much appreciated.

-LS, Ontario

Great job in Medicine Hat earlier this week as Desert Blume is a terrific venue!!

-JV, Alberta

Now that I am done junior golf I want to thank to you for all you do for the MJT tour. The events are always run so well and some of the best memories I’ve made through golf and life have come at the   National Championships.

-ZB, Ontario

Thank you for running all of the MJTs, which have been such a big part of my junior golf career. Good luck with the last few events and going forward, I’m sure I’ll see you around.

-CC, Alberta

We appreciate the positive impact the MJT has had on our kids and others.

-BJ, Alberta

As always the tournaments were really well run this year and a great experience for the kids.

-DJ, Alberta

Thanks again for having me out to watch ..... I was very impressed by the organization of the event and course condition.

-Chris MacDonald, UBC Golf Coach

… Again thanks to your staff of the MJT, for all you do to support these young golfers we look forward to seeing you in Surrey, BC. 

-H&D B, Saskatchewan

Thank you. I should say that this is our first year playing MJT and I am really impressed with how well everything is run. My son is really dedicated to his game and wants to pursue a career in golf and we are thrilled to have found your tour as it is pushing him to be better and hopefully will help him plan his path for future success in the sport.

-AC, Ontario

It was my son’s first year doing the SK tour and he absolutely loved it. Hats off to everyone involved. It’s a great program and our kids are lucky to have it.

-The H’s Saskatchewan

I would like to thank RBC for sponsoring player of the year, and MJT for the award and hosting the tournaments.


We appreciate all the hard work you have done for us during this tough year. 


Thanks again for all your hard work with MJT!  My boys and I really appreciate it.  Have a great day, you have made ours!


I know I sound like a broken record, but you guys continue to amaze the heck out of me with your prompt replies, understanding and great customer service from office to at golf course.  Dave is extremely professional and understanding, and a fantastic ambassador of the game.   Thanks again for everything you all do!

-SS, Ontario

Just wanted to say thank you for opening tournament weekend!

-JB ,Alberta

Thank you, Trent. Our son is super excited about his first tour event.


Thanks as always for a smooth tournament.

-PS, National

And thanks again for a great two days at Carstairs. Good to be back.

-SA, Alberta

He was super happy when you gave him those words of encouragement with regards to his game!  Super classy and I just wanted you to know it meant a lot to the little guy.

-KL, Alberta

Sadiq, always a pleasure sir, working with you!

-CA, Vista 2 Promotions

Thanks so much! Hope you are safe and healthy. Thanks for all you do:)

-MW, Ontario

Thank you for the kind words, this is unbelievable!  Our son actually got the hole in one for the car at McKenzie MJT tour 2 years ago but it was not the day to win the car.  He received a $100 gift card and was just as thrilled with that (haha). 

-JV, Alberta

Thank you for the photo of my son and I on the Mini Tour. It is really a good memory for us!


Your comments were spot on with regards to my son’s game and very appreciated.  It meant a lot him. It’s given him some direction and spirit which is great to hear.

-JB, Alberta

Hey Trent, quality tourney yesterday at lil devil, thanks for all the work setting it up. 

-SG, Alberta

I’ll look forward to seeing you in Banff... keep up the great work on getting all these players out there!

-SS, Alberta

Great job on the tour so far this year. 

-TG, Alberta

Thank-you for your work with this tour! 

-MR, Ontario

Thanks very much for your kind words about my older daughter out at Copper Point.  Your team and the staff at Copper Point were amazing.  

-JH, Alberta

Really appreciate the ongoing support for our son’s growth

-JR, Ontario

All the MJT tournaments definitely helped me learn and excel at the game. 
-BO, Alberta

What a great summer it has been for the boys playing in the tournaments offered. We appreciate the opportunities to participate.

-JW, Alberta

Also, by way of feedback our son has as really enjoyed the Ontario events which have been extremely organized and professionally run. Thanks and keep up the good work. 

-RS, Ontario

I wanted to thank you for making my first National event so much fun.  It was a tremendous experience to play at the beautiful Tsawwassen Springs GC and be part of something I will never forget

-CT, National

Thank you for everything that the MJT has done it is always a pleasure playing in your great tour events.

-CL, Alberta

Thanks Trent- your program has so much to do with his success!!

-DF, Alberta

Thanks for everything - another great year of tournaments for our son. And you've got an impressive way with the kids. It's really cool to see.


Large thanks to you and your team for running such a great tournament at Flamborough this past weekend.  Looked like the kids had a blast. 

-JK, Ontario

Thank you, Elaine and Trent, for the partnership and communication!

-Stephen Yanitski, Head Golf Coach SAIT

.. Another great tournament yesterday at Flamborough! 

-JR, Ontario

Thank you for everything as our son enjoyed the MJT tournaments. 

-DI, Ontario

Thank you for all that you and your team do for junior golf.

-J & M P, BC

And thank you for wonderful work you and team had put together this year supporting many young dreams.  

-MS, Alberta

As you know, the MJT Tour is a very big part of our son’s golf and he is sincerely disappointed that he won’t be participating.  
-DS, Ontario
Thanks Trent, as always the tournaments were really well run this year and a great experience for the kids.  

-DG, Alberta

Our son really enjoyed the 3 MJT events he played, looks forward to more next season.

-RL, Ontario

Our son enjoyed his MJT events this year and hopes to return next season.

-CB, Ontario

Our had a great year with the MJT this past year, this has been thrilling to see him excel- A huge Thank-you to the whole MJT team for making this possible!


Thanks for putting on a great event in Vancouver.


You guys continue to amaze the heck out of me with your prompt replies, understanding and great customer service from office to at golf course. We just pulled in and firstly, I was absolutely shocked that Dave (Who only met me once at a tournament last year) remembered me and [my kids] and asked how our drive in from London was, and was already up to speed on [my son] needing to withdraw today.    Dave is extremely professional and understanding, and a fantastic ambassador of the game.   Thanks again for everything you all do!

- SS, Ontario

Just wanted to reach out and say thanks for your guidance and support in helping up navigate the US golf schools…my son has accepted a scholarship with North Carolina Wesleyan College which is a D3 school.  As you thought, after reaching out to approximately 50 schools he had about 10 offers from D2 and/or D3 programs…best thing you said was to “enjoy the process”, which we took to heart and did- great tip!

-DC, MJT National

Thank you for all you are doing for these young golfers in this trying time.

-LL, Alberta

During this serious situation, we thank you very much for your hard work and support to these kids, it is really tough to reschedule so many events in such a short time, and all of you are soooooo great!


Thank you, Trent and your team. You do a tremendous job with the kids, always a lot of fun and smiles on event day. Thank you for your continued support to junior golf.

-CT, Alberta

I think it’s awesome that your tour is so popular. I’ll keep an eye open for openings for your tournaments. I’m very interested in getting my future students into your tournaments, so I’m sure I’ll be in touch again in the future.


I just wanted to reach out and personally thank you & the whole MJT team for putting on another great tournament!  Although [my son] had a really rough day yesterday, he took it in stride and said that the tournament was a very good learning experience for him in the end.  He said that he went in "over confident" yesterday & learned a big lesson as mentally preparing for competition is just as important as physical preparation, you can never take it for granted.  I asked him if he regretted playing and he said "absolutely not" and that his competitor deserved the win. He said that it humbled him, so these are great life lessons all around.  He is all fired up now (more than ever!) and it's back to the drawing board to practice, prepare & get ready for the next event.  Thanks for all you do to help support junior golf, MJT is awesome!! 


I owe a ton to Trent and all the MJT staff for working so hard to give us a place to play and improve our games.  Without the MJT I wouldn't have the experiences I have had over the last 5 years and wouldn’t have met the amazing friends I now have from the tour. 

I am looking forward to another full season of competing and seeing all my buddies on the MJT Tour hopefully finishing it off with a win at 2021 MJT National Championships.  Please pass along my gratitude to all the great people associated with MJT Golf Tour.

- ZH, Alberta

Looking forward to this season! Thanks for making everything possible during COVID.

- BB, BC

Thanks for your time the other day to go through [recruitment options] with me and laying out options. This has been a huge help. I will reach out again as needed and thank you for spending the time you did on this.

- ZT, BC

I am happy to report that our son has verbally committed to SAU and will be signing his letter of intent this week. He is so excited to be a Mulerider this fall. Thanks MJT for making the introductions and all the work you did on helping with our college search.

- AG, Alberta

This is our first experience with MJT.  You guys do a great job with registration. 

- RG, Ontario

No problem.  You guys do a great job running events and happy to support where possible.

- JW, Alberta

Thank you so much for sorting out this issue for me. Thank you to MJT also. I appreciate it very much! 

- AD, Manitoba

[Our son has] shaved off 10 strokes in the last two years. Thanks again for all you guys do for the tour and its players.

- DP, Saskatchewan

MJT has been an incredible experience - it’s been excellent for Brett’s development, he’s met some really fantastic kids and he always has a ton of fun at the events. 

- EO, Alberta

Thank you very much for the help! Not expected that fast response :)

- AH, BC

We really appreciate the hard work and correct decisions from MJT as a whole.

- NF, Alberta

Thank you very much for organizing MJT Golf Tournaments so that children can learn, compete and enjoy golf and life.

- DZ, BC

Thank you for your efforts in running a great tournament in very difficult conditions for both players and organizers.  

- EK, BC

This scholarship will help me attend Nicholls State University In Louisiana this fall, where I plan to enter the Business Administration program and play on their college golf team.

- BK,Manitoba

And you're always fast to respond so thanks for your personal touch to my emails!

- SS, Ontario

Very informative for me yesterday, so thank you for taking the time to chat with us.

- KK,  Alberta

We thank you and every MJT staff for your effort to make a memorable golf season this year! My son enjoyed each tournament - he made a lot of friends, had fun playing, and improved his skills. As parents, we enjoyed seeing the photo gallery!

- LZ, BC

I can say that my opportunity would not have been possible if it wasn’t for my time and experiences playing on the Maple Leaf Junior Tour. Thanks for everyone’s time and dedication to make the MJT the great experience that it is.

- RH, MJT National

Great video! Thank you for allowing us to participate!! MJT is a wonderful thing for these kids!!

- JH, MJT National

I’ve always enjoyed playing MJT events and am proud to have been chosen to receive this scholarship.  MJT events have helped me develop into a competitive player and I’m really looking forward to playing university golf next year.  

- JW, MJT National

I owe a huge thank you to the Maple Junior Tour for both this opportunity to be awarded the scholarship, but also for the great events they conducted this year. Despite the current situation, they did not fail to support junior golf in both of these facets. Their support, with a doubt, has assisted me greatly from both a competitive golf standpoint, as well as from a financial one, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

- KR, Ontario

We are so proud of our partnership with MJT – thank you to you and your team for all your hard work in making the tournament a success.

- CG, BC

Just a quick note to say thanks to you and your team for another fantastic tourney.  It was too bad that parents weren’t able to watch, but I really appreciated MJT’s efforts to keep families connected through social media and the live streaming app. 

- EO, MJT National

You run a tremendous tour and I will never forget your kindness to our family. 

- GK, Ontario

Thank you to Maple Leaf Golf for giving me the opportunity to play competitive golf for 8 years.   I have appreciated how professional the tournaments have been, and the life long friendships I have formed.   Thank you for the MJT Scholarship to help pay for my schooling, it makes a big difference in helping me financially.   Thank you again for the wonderful opportunities to play great courses. 

- MK,  Alberta

This year was a year with many challenges and I’m stoked to be a part of the leading national junior developmental tour in Canada: the MJT. I’m thankful to work along side some amazing people an forever grateful to learn from such legends. I am excited for what comes next with the MJT.

- LR,  Alberta

In a year with limited junior events, the Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour has really stepped up and offered some great tournaments.

- NS, MJT National

It’s been so much fun and a great learning experience playing on the Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour. Thank you to Sadiq and all the amazing staff members for making all this possible.

- YK, BC

My son loves it.  You guys do a great job putting these events on. 

- ML, BC

We were very impressed with how well run the Fox Creek tournament was run and look forward to next year.

- SC, Atlantic Canada

Thanks again for all of the MJTs work this summer.  All of the events in which we have played have been well run and everyone is grateful for the competitive outlet the tournaments provide. Thank you to the entire MJT team.

- KS, Ontario

Thank you for your time and energy that you commit to the MJT program!  It's such a great opportunity for young golfers!

- RS, MJT Atlantic Canada

I want to take a moment to thank MJT overall.  I have been thoroughly impressed by the professionalism of the organization, the level of respect given to players and parents and the quality of the tournaments and events.  My hats off to each and every one of you.  What you do for junior golf in Canada is inspiring. 

-FK, MJT National

Thank you and another thanks for providing the kids with a great season this year. 

- LT, Saskatchewan

As always (as even more so this year) thank you for all the work that goes into the MJT. You and your group should feel a lot of pride on how this year went given the many challenges you have. I know we are very thankful for the Manitoba MJT group…they have been amazing.

- NT, Manitoba

We fully expect to be more involved in the MJT tour next year as it was a very positive experience.

- CB,  Alberta

We greatly appreciate all the work you and your team have done to make this year even possible.

- SD, MJT National

Congratulations on organizing the AB tournaments with everything that goes with such events and thank you to all that made this possible. I would like to express our gratitude for all the time and effort you and your team put into supporting the juniors in their golf game. 

- AN, Alberta

Thanks for a great summer of tournaments under all the guidelines you were presented with Covid showing up on the scene.

- CG, Alberta

Thanks to you and the entire MJT team for creating opportunities for our young golfers to develop. 

- SB, Atlantic Canada

Again, big thanks to MJT for the great tournament season this year, especially during this special time.  Matthew has had so much fun playing all of the MJT tournaments and gained great experience.    

- MC, BC

Thanks once again for keeping these tournaments going and making a new normal for the kids. It was really good for [my daughter] to play again - see you at the next one.

- SF, Alberta

Good afternoon and many thanks for last weekend @ Ledgeview. It was a great event and a testing course, that [my son] can attest too. Thanks for all your help as always, you all do such a great job.

- JW, BC

Thanks for the awesome opportunity your tour has given our son. He is learning so much playing Saskatchewan’s challenging courses as a Bantam…The values the game teaches [our son] is about being proud of where you come from.

- DB, Saskatchewan

Thank you for everything, you and your team run such a wonderful event! It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to hosting the event again in the next coming years.

- KH, BC, Ford Clinic

Just wanted to say Massimo and I had a great time at Glendale Hamilton over the weekend. We were both very impressed with how everything went overall and wanted to say that we appreciate how you ran things.

- LB, Ontario

Great tournament…on the weekend! just wanted to say thank you and let you know my son had a great time My son was in the U8 Boys [Division].

- PB, Alberta

Great tournament today.  [My son] had so much fun playing. He can't wait until next one.

- MS, Alberta

I just wanted to pass along congratulations on a fantastic event to you and your staff! My staff and members had nothing but great things to say about the event and how it was run.

- KD, Saskatchewan

Thanks again for hosting such a great event…this past weekend!  We’re all very much looking forward to this coming weekend at Galt as well! 

- PK, Ontario 

It was a great tournament at Cultus Lake. Once again, thank you for all of your hard work.

- MC, BC

We appreciate all the hard work put in this season by the organizers. Our kids had a wonderful time.

- RN-O, Ontario

I just went to register my son today – and was surprised to find out his Membership was credited due to his achievement last year as the OOM Winner! What a nice surprise!  Thank you so much.

- TM, Manitoba

We also appreciate all of the work that you and the rest of the staff at Maple Leaf Junior Tour have done to organize and make this golf tournament (and upcoming tournaments) a success during this unexpected situation.  I look forward to meeting…the other staff this weekend.

- BP, Saskatchewan

I’m sure you guys have had your hands full.  Really appreciate you guys figuring out how to carry on through this with some modifications - I think it will mean a lot to the kids who have been lacking social interaction.  It’s going to be a busy and fun year.

- KA,  Alberta

Thank you for everything, you and your team run such a wonderful event! It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to hosting the event again in the next coming years

- KH, BC, Ford Clinic

As a family of a junior golfer in Ontario we feel so fortunate to have so many opportunities for our son to grow in his game through the Maple Leaf Junior Tour (MJT). We know that these opportunities can only be made possible through the support and generosity of sponsors such as TaylorMade.  We love that as a company you have chosen to invest in junior golf. I can say that having your brand connected to the MJT events has made it feel extra special for these young golfers.  I know our son looks forward to each event where he gets his tee gift of “the best” TaylorMade balls and he proudly displays his TaylorMade MJT ball cap that he received at the beginning of the season. We are looking forward to participating in the MJT TaylorMade Junior Championship at Grey Silo September 5 and 6.  

- BP, Ontario

We hope you all are doing well recently! As parents my husband and I are really grateful that MJT is continuously helping junior golfers during this pedantic period, kids are so lucky to have MJT in this summer!

- JR, BC

Thanks for being creative and hosting tournaments despite covid.  We know it is not easy with booking and logistics with courses.

- JW, Ontario

Grateful that MJT and others are putting on events as these kids are keen to tee it up in competitive situations.

- KS, Ontario

So happy to see that a revised schedule has been created. Hope you are doing well & thanks again for all the work behind the scenes to make it the summer happen.

- JAS, Alberta

Thanks for everything that you and your team do!!! You’re a top-notch organization! 

- JK, Ontario

I thought it was a great run tournament in Regina and looking forward to next one.

- MC, Saskatchewan

Thanks for having the tour during Covid!!! These kids need something and it’s great they can still have the competitiveness and camaraderie on the course!!

- CH, Ontario

Congratulations for putting together such great events amidst these unusual times.

- ML, BC

I just wanted to pass along congratulations on a fantastic event to you and your staff! My staff and members had nothing but great things to say about the event and how it was run.

- KD, Saskatchewan

Please know that all your hard work organizing these tournaments are sooo appreciated.

- SJ, BC

The tournament was great. Super well organized. See you at the Goulet!

­- JW, Saskatchewan

Thanks so much and great to see you are supporting junior golf in MB again this year. My daughter has just started playing in a few events last year and loves it. MJT provides great opportunity for kids to compete and meet other players through the province.

- CK, Manitoba

To start off I would like to say that you are all wonderful. First golf tournament for us and we as a family are truly thankful, we picked this one. Organisation and communication get an A+ from us! Again, thank you so much to the entire team for all of the hard work and great communication. We will be praising you all to everyone we know.

- DH, Manitoba

Thanks a lot for putting this all together. My son had a blast at the tournament and can’t wait to play again. 

- CP,  Alberta

Appreciate the prompt response Russ and kudos to your team during these challenging times.

- RM, MJT National

Thank you for the kind words about the boys :) Thank you so much for everything you do to make the MJT a success. It is greatly appreciated. Wishing you a great weekend ... see you on the course.

- CM, BC

Again, my heartfelt thank you for all the support she has received from MJT since she started her very first mini tournament 5 seasons ago. She would not be where she is without that.

-AZ, MJT National

Thx for your help on this. Also, just a quick note to say thank your for giving the kids the opportunity to play competitive events that are well run.

- BN, Ontario

Thanks to MJT for all their hard work during such unusual times!

- SL, MJT National

I would like to thank you for another great season on the MJT.  I look forward to more events next year and can’t wait for the spring to come.

- KM, BC

We appreciate all of your efforts to provide a competitive season for the juniors this year under all of these unprecedented circumstances - and [my daughter] is thrilled that the Ontario mjt tour will be starting soon!

- AM, Ontario

First off thank you for holding a fantastic event at Ledgeview this past weekend, great to see the kids out competing again!

- SH, BC

Thank you again for your continued support in the game of golf (and life!) for our children.  We were truly blessed the day you afforded us a "family membership" for the first time.  Our kids have enjoyed and continue to enjoy some life experiences that they would not have been given without the game of golf in their lives.  We are blessed and count you amongst our blessings.

- SP, MJT National

First up thank you for putting on two great tournaments in the Okanagan last week, Max really enjoyed himself!

- MO, BC

I can't tell you how grateful I am that [my son] has been added to the tournament!! I appreciate all of your help and I will most definitely be sure to double check all future tournament registrations well in advance!!

- PF, Saskatchewan

Also, Thank You and your volunteers who helped at the Ledgeview tournament this weekend.  It was greatly appreciated.

- SK, BC

I want to congratulate you and your team on an amazing week at Reunion! The time and effort that went into delivering the event did not go unnoticed...I also appreciate all the things (good and bad) that go on behind the scenes. From [our] perspectives, the event was top-notch!

 – MR, Alberta

So very happy that your organization is seen as a viable option for young people to improve in their lives! While golf as a whole is struggling to survive, your dedication to excellence is being rewarded and I for one could not be happier! It truly makes me hopeful for our future! Please continue on the path of excellence and fun and you are building our future leaders! MJT respect! 

- KS MJT National

Hi Trent, Brett shared the reference letter you wrote for him.  I just wanted to send you a big thank you, what a nice letter.  I’m very grateful for all the opportunities MJT brings to Brett’s life.  Thank you for all your work, you make a big difference in the life of many kids. 

-EO, Alberta

Very much appreciated everything MJT did for our boys as junior golfers. It's a fantastic program.

-TK, Saskatchewan

It’s been over 6 years since my son played in the MJT - to anyone who has not had the pleasure of experiencing one of the most positive experiences that a young person can enjoy in the summer, this is it! These folks are the cream of the crop in helping and encouraging our youth in development of not only the game of golf but in life! I miss my days following the tour and enjoying all the special people involved! I would encourage you all to check these folks out! ....

-K.S, Manitoba

Hi Trent,

Thanks again for all the great tournaments in 2019 and all your efforts.  P. (and I) had an absolute blast in Florida, that is all he has been talking about and how he wants to qualify for Phoenix next year.  We could not stay for the awards as we flew out that afternoon so we did not get a chance to say thanks, so here it is!

Have a great winter and see you in 2020 in Lethbridge.

-TR, Alberta

First off, I want to congratulate you and your team on an amazing week at Reunion! The time and effort that went into delivering the event did not go unnoticed. From Max and my perspectives, the event was top-notch!

-M.R, Saskatchewan

MJT does a wonderful job giving our kids (especially in Winnipeg’s short summer season) the opportunities to play the wonderful game of golf!

-S.D, Manitobal

Click here to watch a video testimonial of MJT member Nicolas-Guy Landry as he discusses his experience at the 2019 MJT National Championship presented by TaylorMade and adidas Golf at Reunion Resort in Kissimmee, Florida.

I wanted to send a big thank you to you gentlemen and to MJT for all the support, guidance and encouragement that Owen received from you all over the past 5 years.  Every year that Owen competed in the MJT, he grew his love and passion for the game of golf and was provided with many opportunities to compete at the highest level.   I appreciate all your help with all my emails and questions throughout the years! All the time Owen has put into his golf game is now starting to pay off as he started classes at Minot State University this week, as a member of their Men's Golf Team.  His experiences in MJT tournaments and the two Nationals that he attended were invaluable. So thank you once again.  Owen is proud to say he is an MJT Alumni. 

- J.G, Manitoba

Thank you so much for the scholarship! I am honoured and humbled to receive this!

-R.W, Atlantic Canada

Louis,  Though it was a great day...it’s still sad, as it marks the end of the MJT tour in Atlantic. I cannot thank you and your team enough for their efforts. I watch you interact with every parent and player.  Everyone is greeted with a handshake, a smile and sincerity.  The respect for each individual and your positive attitude is INFECTIOUS and is evident on the course and after each round. I have never seen such a well-rounded, polite, group of young men and women, enjoying the game...as I do during an MJT event and it shows in the smile on each kid I capture on film. It is also evident in the level of participation level in your tournaments, compared to the other tour in Atlantic.  I hope you have a fabulous fall, and I hope to have the pleasure of bumping into you soon.  

-J.I, Atlantic Canada

Thank you very much for the scholarship award! I am very grateful to have received this scholarship to help me continue playing golf while getting an education.

-S.C, Atlantic Canada

I want to sincerely thank the MJT for the scholarship.  The MJT tour has helped me develop as a golfer and a person.  The MJT tour has provided me with amazing opportunities and I look forward to playing events in the future.  

-J.N, Saskatchewan

I am very honoured to receive this scholarship. I have greatly enjoyed my time playing with the MJT and the people I have met along the way. The tour has helped me improve my golf game and build as a person. I am especially touched that I have received this first time award in honour of fellow MJT member, Jacob Lugli, whose passing has truly impacted all of us. 

– E.S, Manitoba

Hi Russ,my son played in the MJT this year and congrats to you and your staff. Coming from Australia we weren’t sure they had a program like this, good job mate and all the best for the future. I would highly recommend any golfers for the MJT. 

– L.M, Manitoba

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!  The instructors were fun and patient. The event was very well organized at a beautiful location. My children had so much fun! Thank you Nisku Ford and the Maple Leaf Junior Tour!

-B.M, Alberta

Hello, First of all I want to let you know how great it was for my son to participate in the Ontario MJT.  Every event he played in was fantastic and we can’t say enough of how wonderful Dave Smallwood and his team have been. Thank You.

-K.D, Ontario

Sam & Sophie attended the golf clinic today, & wanted me to say thank you as they really enjoyed it.  They valued the instruction, my son has had a few lessons, but it was my daughters first time picking up a club. She is now hooked.  It was very well run & we look forward to attending another clinic.  Thank you.

-G.C, BC

Hi Trent and Chris, Thank you very much for selecting me to be a part of the trip in Sweden. I had a great time and learned lots that I hope to apply to my game in the near future. 

-A.G, Ontario

Good day Trent,  Thank you to everyone at MJT for another great golfing season.

-L.Q, BC

Looking forward to qualifying for next year's event.  Really enjoyed our year with MJT, really appreciate everything that you all do.

-T.R, Manitoba

Good Afternoon, I wanted to provide some feedback on the Jr. Golf clinic from last night. My 8 year old son very much enjoyed his experience at the clinic. He has played some golf over the past few years, but was able to learn much from the clinic. The instructors were patient and used language and analogies that worked with young children. The event was well organized and my son really appreciated the Ford hat and hot dog and pop.  RedTail Landing is an excellent venue and I would definitely attend a clinic with my children there again.

-B.L, Alberta

Hello, We were browsing through the MJT Alumni page - Charles played MJT events for 4 years, moving on to play NCAA D1 at University of Texas at El Paso. Charles is now Assistant Men's Golf Coach and is working on his MBA.  MJT was a big part of his junior development. 

-C.C, Ontario

Hi Chris, My kids had a great morning at the Ford Junior Golf Clinic!  Instructors were experienced, organized and professional.  Thanks for putting this event together, super introduction to the sport. We will be back.

-B.M, BC

Trent,  Both Jeff and his wife Carrie put their heart and soul into Junior golf.  Alex is fortunate to have Jeff as his coach as well.   He truly is amazing with the kids and the level of trust they have in him is amazing.  Regardless, I wanted to pass along my thoughts, and the thoughts of many I speak with in the golf community, of how appreciative we are for the MJT program and specifically Jeff’s contributions in building a junior program in this province.  It’s no coincidence that golf is growing in this province with his passionate involvement. 

Without the MJT Program I’m not sure Alex, and many others, would have dreamt that golf scholarships would be something to strive for.  Due to MJT, Jeff Chambers and Golf SK, this is now number one on Alex’s list of goals.

-D.S, Saskatchewan

Hello Trent, This is an amazing opportunity that Elias would love to participate in!  He is excited and humbled to have this fantastic opportunity!  Thank you again for this opportunity!!

-J.H, Saskatchewan

Thank you so much for all the organizing you have all put into this once in a lifetime trip.  Kyle is really looking forward to this and excited.  Thank you again ... greatly appreciate all you do. 

-C.M, BC

I just wanted to say thanks for everything the MJT does to give kids the chance to compete and develop.  MJT was J’s first introduction to competitive golf in 2015. He’s travelled to MJT events in Phoenix, Florida, BC, Saskatchewan and Niagara (twice).   He’s developed some great friendships across multiple provinces. Thanks very much for all your hours of hard work to make the MJT great.....

-NA, Alberta

Thanks so much for inviting us to the MJT Team Challenge at Royal Niagara. The players loved the modified college format as it truly gave them the feeling of what it will be like to play at the next level, which all of our players aspire to do. The different pressure of playing for a team is a challenge that all young golfers should experience before trying to compete at the collegiate level. Our team absolutely loved it! In addition, all the coaches at the event really appreciated the opportunity to be able to converse with the players on the course during the tournament, just as the coaches are able to do in college golf. Coaching during play is not permitted at regular junior events and it was so great to be able to help the kids manage their emotions and make good decisions in the heat of the battle. Thanks to you and the entire staff at the MJT for hosting such a great event and to Corey and his team at Royal Niagara for being so hospitable and allowing us to play their beautiful and very challenging course. We're already looking forward to next year's event and to our on-going partnership with the MJT!...Sean Foley Performance- Lake Mary, Florida  

Hi Trent. Thanks again for your help and for another successful tournament.....

-CC, Alberta

E likes to play MJT tournaments very much, he’s made a lot of friends and always has a lot of fun..... 


Thanks for an awesome weekend. This was the kids’ first MJT event, and I think it was their favourite so far! .....

-CM, Alberta

R had a great time in his first tournament. 


N will be able to attend the event in Florida again this year. Thanks for the invite and looking forward very much to another fun and well run tournament...... 

-MF, Manitoba

Hi Trent.  Just want to thank you for your talk with C.  He continued to handle what would be his worst tournament round of season very well, but your talk seemed to make the most impact on him.  Thanks again......

-AB, Alberta

Wanted to send a note and say thanks.  M had a great first experience. He was pumped and may have gotten the bug.  I’ve never been around formal golf competition and this was a learning experience.  It was well run and you guys did a great job introducing the competitive aspect of golf to M. Look forward to more of them!

-PM, Alberta

Hi Russ:  K had a great time spending the afternoon with all of you from the MJT and the sponsors.  There were lots of familiar faces from last year that recognized K. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity and great photos......  


Thank you again for the opportunity to sponsor the MJT event. It was a well run event, and it was great to converse with the juniors and spectate some high quality golf!......

-SY, Alberta

We are so proud to be a part of the MJT....... 


I would like to thank you for selecting me to represent the tour.  I am truly honoured that you, and the MJT team, see me more than just a golfer.  I thank you for that!.....


Hi Russ, thank you so much for everything, I cannot thank the MJT enough for the opportunities they have given me. I was just curious as to how I am able to collect this generous reward, as well as the player of the year reward, or does this all happen in Florida? Thanks again..... 

-D, Alberta

THANK YOU! I really appreciate your help with this. I am more grateful for your assistance and understanding. Our girls have played a number of your tournaments and always have a wonderful time. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with MJT....... 

-C.W, Ontario

I just wanted to thank Chris and Dams Ford for a great day of golf. You guys inspired my son to choose golf as his main sport, so much so that after the event we headed to golf town to buy him his first set of clubs… I personally want you thank you guys for giving me a future golf partner.......

-M.D, BC

MJT has brought so much happiness to our family. I can’t imagine our past 5 years without it!.....

-J.M, Alberta

We will be attending the IMG world tours thanks to your tour. We are very appreciative......

-M.D, BC.

I would like to thank the MJT for another great event. I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to the upcoming tournaments! .....

-K.M, BC

We would like to thank the MJT for your excellent tournament series. Our daughter has benefited immensely from her experiences at your tournaments......

-M.D, BC

Thanks for hosting a great event! Really appreciate the marshals making sure the rounds moved at a reasonable pace.

- D.F, Alberta

Thank you to you and your group for all the hard work to pull the event off this weekend! Mother Nature was not our friend and you managed to put on a terrific event. We enjoyed the course and the competition; we are sure we will see you all again soon.

– K.V, Alberta

We had the absolute best time at the Nationals this past year in Arizona. You guys put on such a great event!! Thanks very much!

– R.D, Ontario

Thank you for another great MJT tournament! It was cold; but still lots of fun!

– L.U, Alberta

Trent, thank you so much for accommodating my requests. You tried your best to help us during this tournament. Your niceness and expertise made me feel like we were at our home course. We are looking forward to the next MJT event!

– A.Z, BC

Wanted to say thank you for such a well-run tournament! The experience was great, nothing but class! I look forward to competing in the near future with the MJT.

- D.P, BC

I simply wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for hosting a phenomenal event at the Fairmont Banff Springs. This was TR’s first MJT event and we appreciate it takes a lot of organizing between registrants, the venue, prizes and sponsorship.  Your sincere personality made T quite comfortable asking questions and seeking out information during a very busy time on the day of the event.  As events go, there is always obstacles and in this case, other tournaments, wildlife and weather, but it was done with great communication and calmness. Thanks again and wish you a great rest of your tournament season.

- K.R, Alberta

MJT gives golfers like me a chance to play tournaments at awesome courses as well as helping with developing your golf game. The tournaments are also really fun to play!

– N.K, Alberta

MJT is the most welcoming tour I’ve played.

– V.Z, Alberta

Everything about the MJT is why I keep coming back. This is my 12th and final year and I want to win every event I’m in!

– D.S, Alberta

I’ve been playing MJT for 4 years and it is always so well run. It gives great opportunities for junior golfers.

– R.S, Alberta

There is a lot of competition in MJT and the tournaments are always well organized!

– J.K, Alberta

I love the tour and to be able to play Banff was awesome. This is by far the most organized and best tour!

-T.M, Alberta

I choose to play MJT because everyone is so nice and helpful, and it’s just always a fun time!

-A.B, Atlantic Canada

MJT is a great tour and always makes it fun!

– J.S, Atlantic Canada

I choose to play MJT because I thought it was a great way to improve my game. My friends also told me it was super fun.

– M.R, Saskatchewan

MJT has the best value of any tournament with the surplus of tee gifts you receive. Staff is very nice, and the players are good and nice as well.

- D.O, Ontario

I chose to play the MJT because I thought it would be a fun way to meet new people.

– K.M, Saskatchewan

Thank you so much for all the organizing you have all put into this once in a lifetime trip. Kyle is really looking forward to this,and excited. Thank you again ... greatly appreciate all you do.....


Tournaments are well run and the community has a great and fun environment. Overall I love MJT tournaments.

- P.C, Ontario

I think the tournaments are well very organized and they have amazing sponsors!

– N.L, Ontario

I love the yardages and the courses they choose. I think it is very fun.

– S.S, Ontario

I have been playing for the past 3 years and I love it. All the rules and organizers do such a great job and the competition is great.

-S.M, Alberta

I play MJT because of how well it is run (TRENT IS AWESOME)

– G.B, Alberta

The tournaments are organized, and the courses are really nice. The people who run the tournaments are all super nice and overall put together. Great tournaments every time.

-J.K, Alberta

I play MJT for the well-run event and the people!

– A.A, Alberta

I play because it is fun, and it challenges you to play good golf. And Ed and Garth are awesome.

- H.D, Manitoba

It is the biggest tour in Canada, and it has good competition to prepare me for larger tournaments.

-J.M, Manitoba

MJT always offers great competition with a guaranteed good time. It was a no brainer to play MJT this year.

– J.A, Manitoba

I choose to play because MJT events have always been really fun and I love the prizes and sponsors. 

-M.B, Ontario

I play MJT because they always have great workers and always host great events

– J.B., BC

It’s a great organization with good prizes and really friendly Rules Officials and staff members

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