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Canada's most-played Junior Golf Tour

Canada's most-played Junior Golf Tour

The Road to College Golf, run exclusively by PGA Professionals

What People Are Saying

The staff and volunteers at the Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour work hard to provide players and parents with a positive experience before, during and after each event.

Here's a SMALL sampling of the 1000's of testimonials received from junior players, parents and affiliated organizations about the MJT and it's programs (click on the link at the end to read many more)....

I wanted to send a big thank you to you gentlemen and to MJT for all the support, guidance and encouragement that Owen received from you all over the past 5 years.  Every year that Owen competed in the MJT, he grew his love and passion for the game of golf and was provided with many opportunities to compete at the highest level.   I appreciate all your help with all my emails and questions throughout the years! All the time Owen has put into his golf game is now starting to pay off as he started classes at Minot State University this week, as a member of their Men's Golf Team.  His experiences in MJT tournaments and the two Nationals that he attended were invaluable. So thank you once again.  Owen is proud to say he is an MJT Alumni.  Sincerely, J.G/MB

Louis,  Though it was a great day...it’s still sad, as it marks the end of the MJT tour in Atlantic. I cannot thank you and your team enough for their efforts. I watch you interact with every parent and player.  Everyone is greeted with a handshake, a smile and sincerity.  The respect for each individual and your positive attitude is INFECTIOUS and is evident on the course and after each round. I have never seen such a well-rounded, polite, group of young men and women, enjoying the game...as I do during an MJT event and it shows in the smile on each kid I capture on film. It is also evident in the level of participation level in your tournaments, compared to the other tour in Atlantic.  I hope you have a fabulous fall, and I hope to have the pleasure of bumping into you soon.   Cheers, J.I./NS

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!  The instructors were fun and patient. The event was very well organized at a beautiful location. My children had so much fun! Thank you Nisku Ford and the Maple Leaf Junior Tour! Bonnie, AB

Hello, First of all I want to let you know how great it was for my son to participate in the Ontario MJT.  Every event he played in was fantastic and we can’t say enough of how wonderful Dave Smallwood and his team have been. Thank You, K.D/ON

Sam & Sophie attended the golf clinic today, & wanted me to say thank you as they really enjoyed it.  They valued the instruction, my son has had a few lessons, but it was my daughters first time picking up a club. She is now hooked.  It was very well run & we look forward to attending another clinic.  Thank you, G.C/BC

Hi Trent and Chris, Thank you very much for selecting me to be a part of the trip in Sweden. I had a great time and learned lots that I hope to apply to my game in the near future. Thanks , A.G./ON

Good day Trent,  Thank you to everyone at MJT for another great golfing season. Regards, L.Q./BC

Looking forward to qualifying for next year's event.  Really enjoyed our year with MJT, really appreciate everything that you all do. Best regards, T.R./MB

Good Afternoon, I wanted to provide some feedback on the Jr. Golf clinic from last night. My 8 year old son very much enjoyed his experience at the clinic. He has played some golf over the past few years, but was able to learn much from the clinic. The instructors were patient and used language and analogies that worked with young children. The event was well organized and my son really appreciated the Ford hat and hot dog and pop.  Redtail Landing is an excellent venue and I would definitely attend a clinic with my children there again. Thank you, B.L./AB

Hello, We were browsing through the MJT Alumni page - Charles played MJT events for 4 years, moving on to play NCAA D1 at University of Texas at El Paso. Charles is now Assistant Men's Golf Coach and is working on his MBA.  MJT was a big part of his junior development.  Thanks, C.C./ON

Hi Chris, My kids had a great morning at the Ford Junior Golf Clinic!  Instructors were experienced, organized and professional.  Thanks for putting this event together, super introduction to the sport. We will be back. B.M./BC

Trent,  Both Jeff and his wife Carrie put their heart and soul into Junior golf.  Alex is fortunate to have Jeff as his coach as well.   He truly is amazing with the kids and the level of trust they have in him is amazing.  Regardless, I wanted to pass along my thoughts, and the thoughts of many I speak with in the golf community, of how appreciative we are for the MJT program and specifically Jeff’s contributions in building a junior program in this province.  It’s no coincidence that golf is growing in this province with his passionate involvement. 

Without the MJT Program I’m not sure Alex, and many others, would have dreamt that golf scholarships would be something to strive for.  Due to MJT, Jeff Chambers and Golf SK, this is now number one on Alex’s list of goals. Best regards, D.S./SK

Hello Trent, This is an amazing opportunity that Elias would love to participate in!  He is excited and humbled to have this fantastic opportunity!  Thank you again for this opportunity!! J.H./SK

Thank you so much for all the organizing you have all put into this once in a lifetime trip.  Kyle is really looking forward to this and excited.  Thank you again ... greatly appreciate all you do. C.M./BC

I just wanted to say thanks for everything the MJT does to give kids the chance to compete and develop.  MJT was J’s first introduction to competitive golf in 2015. He’s travelled to MJT events in Phoenix, Florida, BC, Saskatchewan and Niagara (twice).   He’s developed some great friendships across multiple provinces. Thanks very much for all your hours of hard work to make the MJT great..... NA/AB


Thanks so much for inviting us to the MJT Team Challenge at Royal Niagara. The players loved the modified college format as it truly gave them the feeling of what it will be like to play at the next level, which all of our players aspire to do. The different pressure of playing for a team is a challenge that all young golfers should experience before trying to compete at the collegiate level. Our team absolutely loved it! In addition, all the coaches at the event really appreciated the opportunity to be able to converse with the players on the course during the tournament, just as the coaches are able to do in college golf. Coaching during play is not permitted at regular junior events and it was so great to be able to help the kids manage their emotions and make good decisions in the heat of the battle. Thanks to you and the entire staff at the MJT for hosting such a great event and to Corey and his team at Royal Niagara for being so hospitable and allowing us to play their beautiful and very challenging course. We're already looking forward to next year's event and to our on-going partnership with the MJT!....................... Sean Foley Performance- Lake Mary, Florida  

Hi Trent. Thanks again for your help and for another successful tournament.....CC/AB

E likes to play MJT tournaments very much, he’s made a lot of friends and always has a lot of fun.....  ZT/BC

Thanks for an awesome weekend. This was the kids’ first MJT event, and I think it was their favourite so far! ..... CM/AB 

R had a great time in his first tournament.  Thanks again...... ML/BC

N will be able to attend the event in Florida again this year. Thanks for the invite and looking forward very much to another fun and well run tournament......  MF/MB

Hi Trent.  Just want to thank you for your talk with C.  He continued to handle what would be his worst tournament round of season very well, but your talk seemed to make the most impact on him.  Thanks again...... AB/AB

Wanted to send a note and say thanks.  M had a great first experience. He was pumped and may have gotten the bug.  I’ve never been around formal golf competition and this was a learning experience.  It was well run and you guys did a great job introducing the competitive aspect of golf to M. Look forward to more of them! Thanks......  PM/AB

Hi Russ:  K had a great time spending the afternoon with all of you from the MJT and the sponsors.  There were lots of familiar faces from last year that recognized K. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity and great photos......  CM/BC

Thank you again for the opportunity to sponsor the MJT event. It was a well run event, and it was great to converse with the juniors and spectate some high quality golf!...... SY/AB

We are so proud to be a part of the MJT.......  LA/BC

I would like to thank you for selecting me to represent the tour.  I am truly honoured that you, and the MJT team, see me more than just a golfer.  I thank you for that!..... KM/BC

Hi Russ, thank you so much for everything, I cannot thank the MJT enough for the opportunities they have given me. I was just curious as to how I am able to collect this generous reward, as well as the player of the year reward, or does this all happen in Florida? Thanks again..... D/AB

THANK YOU! I really appreciate your help with this. I am more grateful for your assistance and understanding. Our girls have played a number of your tournaments and always have a wonderful time. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with MJT....... C.W, ON.

I just wanted to thank Chris and Dams Ford for a great day of golf. You guys inspired my son to choose golf as his main sport, so much so that after the event we headed to golf town to buy him his first set of clubs… I personally want you thank you guys for giving me a future golf partner.......M.D., BC.

MJT has brought so much happiness to our family. I can’t imagine our past 5 years without it!..... J.M., AB.

We will be attending the IMG world tours thanks to your tour. We are very appreciative......M.D., BC.

I would like to thank the MJT for another great event. I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to the upcoming tournaments! ..... K.M., BC

We would like to thank the MJT for your excellent tournament series. Our daughter has benefited immensely from her experiences at your tournaments...... M.D.

Thanks for hosting a great event! Really appreciate the marshals making sure the rounds moved at a reasonable pace. - D.F. AB

Thank you to you and your group for all the hard work to pull the event off this weekend! Mother Nature was not our friend and you managed to put on a terrific event. We enjoyed the course and the competition; we are sure we will see you all again soon. – K.V., AB

We had the absolute best time at the Nationals this past year in Arizona. You guys put on such a great event!! Thanks very much! – R.D., ON

Thank you for another great MJT tournament! It was cold; but still lots of fun! – L.U., AB

Trent, thank you so much for accommodating my requests. You tried your best to help us during this tournament. Your niceness and expertise made me feel like we were at our home course. We are looking forward to the next MJT event! – A.Z., BC

Wanted to say thank you for such a well-run tournament! The experience was great, nothing but class! I look forward to competing in the near future with the MJT. - D.P., BC

I simply wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for hosting a phenomenal event at the Fairmont Banff Springs. This was TR’s first MJT event and we appreciate it takes a lot of organizing between registrants, the venue, prizes and sponsorship.  Your sincere personality made T quite comfortable asking questions and seeking out information during a very busy time on the day of the event.  As events go, there is always obstacles and in this case, other tournaments, wildlife and weather, but it was done with great communication and calmness. Thanks again and wish you a great rest of your tournament season. - K.R., AB

MJT gives golfers like me a chance to play tournaments at awesome courses as well as helping with developing your golf game. The tournaments are also really fun to play! – N.K. AB

MJT is the most welcoming tour I’ve played. – V.Z., AB

Everything about the MJT is why I keep coming back. This is my 12th and final year and I want to win every event I’m in! – D.S., AB

I’ve been playing MJT for 4 years and it is always so well run. It gives great opportunities for junior golfers. – R.S. AB

There is a lot of competition in MJT and the tournaments are always well organized! – J.K. AB

I love the tour and to be able to play Banff was awesome. This is by far the most organized and best tour! T.M., AB

I choose to play MJT because everyone is so nice and helpful, and it’s just always a fun time! A.B., NS

MJT is a great tour and always makes it fun! – J.S. NS

I choose to play MJT because I thought it was a great way to improve my game. My friends also told me it was super fun. – M.R., SK

MJT has the best value of any tournament with the surplus of tee gifts you receive. Staff is very nice, and the players are good and nice as well. - D.O. ON

I chose to play the MJT because I thought it would be a fun way to meet new people. – K.M., SK

Thank you so much for all the organizing you have all put into this once in a lifetime trip. Kyle is really looking forward to this,and excited. Thank you again ... greatly appreciate all you do..... CM/BC 

Tournaments are well run and the community has a great and fun environment. Overall I love MJT tournaments. - P.C., ON

I think the tournaments are well very organized and they have amazing sponsors! – N.L., ON

I love the yardages and the courses they choose. I think it is very fun. – S.S., ON

I have been playing for the past 3 years and I love it. All the rules and organizers do such a great job and the competition is great. S.M., AB

I play MJT because of how well it is run (TRENT IS AWESOME J) – G.B., AB

The tournaments are organized, and the courses are really nice. The people who run the tournaments are all super nice and overall put together. Great tournaments every time. J.K., AB

I play MJT for the well-run event and the people! – A.A., AB

I play because it is fun, and it challenges you to play good golf. And Ed and Garth are awesome. - H.D. MB

It is the biggest tour in Canada, and it has good competition to prepare me for larger tournaments. J.M., MB

MJT always offers great competition with a guaranteed good time. It was a no brainer to play MJT this year. – J.A., MB

I choose to play because MJT events have always been really fun and I love the prizes and sponsors. – M.B., ON

I play MJT because they always have great workers and always host great events – J.B., BC

It’s a great organization with good prizes and really friendly Rules Officials and staff members

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