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Canada's most-played Junior Golf Tour

Canada's most-played Junior Golf Tour

The Road to College Golf, run exclusively by PGA Professionals

Scoring Partners

"Golf Progress Hub at Musqueam offers a High Performance Junior Program for junior golfers of all ages. Our core curriculum of “Learn. Play. Compete.” is built on establishing a strong foundation for a repeatable golf swing to produce lasting results. 

Breaking away from traditional and static one-on-one golf lessons where students spend a tremendous amount of time on driving ranges or indoor hitting bays, our coaches have designed, enhanced and, simplified a dynamic approach by incorporating tons of on-course coaching on our Par 60 Executive Length golf course. 

In no time, not only you will see your kids plead with you to come to golf practice, you will also witness them quickly progressing from competing in our Golf Progress Hub club competitions to competing in the MJT, Canada’s most-played Junior Golf Tour."  Click here for more information.



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Divots Indoor Golf is the largest and newest state-of-the-art indoor golf facility in Regina, Saskatchewan. It is the only facility in Saskatchewan with seven PGA approved aboutGolf® simulators with 80 courses to choose from.  With 5,800 square feet of space, its simulator bays are the largest in Regina at 16' x 20'.  Unfortunately, the outdoor golf season only lasts part of the year in Canada.  With an exclusive golf club atmosphere,  Divots is a great option for golfers through the winter season.  It is open from October to May every year.  For more information on what Divots has to offer, go to divotsgolf.com.

"Divots Indoor Golf is proud to partner with MJT.  Helping to play a role in developing the champions of tomorrow is exciting and an honor.  We look forward to the 2020 MJT golf season!"